‘The Good Doctor’ 3×06 recap: “45-Degree Angle”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 6, “45-Degree Angle,” aired Nov. 3, 2019.

We are back, and I better not get teary eyed this episode. It’s holiday season after all, so it would really kill my cheerful vibe I have going on. Let’s see what happens during the newest episode of The Good Doctor.

Dress rehearsal

Shaun is really going all out for his second first surgery. He recruits the entire hospital, basically, to help him gear up for it. Morgan is taking Claire’s place because apparently she’s at a “dentist appointment.” Usually, short dresses aren’t the standard dentist appointment attire, but whatever.

“Let me fail and learn.” Lim is one of my favorite characters this season because she’s willing to lay it all on the table. You’re supposed to learn as you go, and sometimes, you do fail. She tells this to Andrews, but Lim knows that she’ll be right. Yes, girl.

This surgery practice also includes all the hot gossip about Shaun and Carly’s relationship. One of the nurses points out that Carly is excluding Shaun, and that’s not how boyfriend/girlfriends work. Hmmm — very interesting.

Paging the real Dr. Browne

Mogan is peeved that she has to keep covering for Claire’s tardiness. I don’t exactly blame her…During a surgery on a pregnant patient, Melendez quizzes Morgan and Park on surgical decisions. Is he deciding who gets the next lead surgery? I hope it’s Park!

The next order of business for Claire, per Morgan’s order, is to talk to Carly. Shaun is worried that she and him aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend. Claire requests she talk to Shaun to reassure him of their relationship status. Not sure what’s going on there.

Debby got fired from her job. The reasoning: she gave away too much free coffee. Can she please be my barista? I love some free coffee. She suggests that she could work for Glassman, but he isn’t all too keen on the idea. He doesn’t like the idea of working with his partner.

Romance doesn’t matter

Shaun goes to talk to Carly, but Claire tells him that she already talked to Carly and everything is squared away. Shaun needs to be in the right mind space to conduct his surgery and not be worrying about why she blew him off.

Melendez and Lim seem to be on different pages when it comes to surgeries. His patient is in danger, and he has to let her decide what she would like to do with her pregnancy. It’s then that the patient’s husband admits he didn’t want the baby. He thinks the surgery is too risky, but she wants to carry out the pregnancy.

Here we go: Shaun’s first surgery. Everything seems to be going well until he tries correcting a nurse on how to hold a surgical tool. In fact, he even orders her out of the OR. Lim speaks to Shaun about the incident and tells him he needs to apologize. She tells him that if he wants something done a certain way, he needs to communicate that.

Lim tells Andrews that he could have stepped in, but he tells her this is how he handles Shaun.

In conclusion…

Things are not looking good for Melendez’s patient. Well, here comes the tears I was trying to avoid. She ends up passing away, and Melendez jumps into gear to remove the baby.  

Debby decides she’s the one who is going to talk and Glassman is going to listen. She insists on working with him at the hospital.

Shaun goes to have some coffee (well, he doesn’t actually like coffee) with the nurse he ordered out of the OR. She tells him he just needs to go away because he’s not actually apologizing. With that, she walks away from him.

Lim tells Shaun that he screwed up — the nurse ended up filing a complaint about him. Oh dang. Shaun admits to Lim that he failed, and that he is sorry.

More thoughts 

  • Morgan is getting real with Claire this episode.
  • Melendez telling the patient’s husband that he lost his wife was so dang sad.
  • I’M CRYING. Dang you, The Good Doctor.
  • Carly and Shaun seem to be hitting a bump in their relationship. She doesn’t like that he keeps things bottled up.
  • They’re on gf/bf status, y’all!

This episode of The Good Doctor really picked up the pace with plot. Although, it did make me cry. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us!

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