‘Batwoman’ 1×04 recap: “Who Are You?”

Batwoman 1×04 recap

This episode of Batwoman was all about the personal cost of becoming a superhero. But namely… it’s also about Mary doing the Alice impression we didn’t know we needed. Let’s discuss!

Kate-Sophie-Reagan Love Triangle

We have a small love triangle to deal with as Sophie runs into Reagan and Kate at an event. So tell me folks, who are you rooting for in this particular love triangle? Because let me just say, I’m conflicted.

Reagan is perfectly likable, sweet, cool, and understanding. It’s just that Kate is Batwoman, and she cannot tell that to a girl she just started dating. However, the real problem with the Kate/Sophie/Reagan of it all is it feels like Sophie is an innocent bystander in her own love triangle. And that the TRUE love triangle is between Batwoman/Kate/Reagan.

The Sophie and Kate dynamic feels like they’re both waiting for Sophie to speak, and they’re both holding their breath until she does. But in the meantime… you can’t really blame Kate (or the audience) for finding air in whoever that may be. My fear is, when Sophie finally puts all her cards on the table, we wouldn’t feel replenished like we should be.

Because we might find the air we were waiting for, and it may not be with her.

So, please tell me, fellow Batwoman fans, are you feeling Kate and Sophie? Am I not seeing something you are?

Catherine and Alice

We have a twist on our hands we saw a mile away! But, it’s still interesting. Why did Catherine lie to Jacob about finding Beth’s bones? Why did she want him to stop looking?

Considering Jacob and Catherine are married now, maybe they were in love a lot longer than any of us thought… and she wanted him to move on. Frankly, I’m finding it hard to sympathize with Catherine on this one. It’s really horrible to claim you found the bones of your spouse/almost spouse’s missing child when you really didn’t.

Clearly, Alice is messed up because of it (and that’s an understatement).

Mary Hamilton, the true MVP

Mary proves indispensable as she gives medical care to Dodgson while simultaneously getting information out of him. Her Alice impression was priceless, and as a result we find out Alice has big plans for someone named “mouse”.

Anyways, this is my regularly scheduled Mary is awesome Batwoman review.

Stray Musings:

  • I really like how Kate will create homes and spaces for cheap rent in Gotham. The show did a nice job of juxtaposing that with Bruce’s work-life-balance persona.
  • I hope we get more Reagan, but I really liked how maturly they ended things. Kate didn’t do the usual make crazy excuses for 10 more episodes all in the name of secret crime fighting. They both recognize that Reagan deserves better.
  • Also Magpie, pretty boring villain.

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