‘DanTDM Presents The Contest’: Dan chats about his new movie and what to expect [INTERVIEW]

Here's everything you need to know about The Contest!

Are you ready for a movie experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before? That’s what famed YouTube star, DanTDM hopes to give his fans this weekend with DanTDM Presents The Contest! Here’s what you need to know, how to prepare, and how to make this super cool experience even more fun and immersive!

Official Event Synopsis 

“DanTDM Presents the Contest” is an immersive cinema experience that tells the story of DanTDM and three interdimensional Tribes, battling it out to win The Contest. The audience is divided into Tribes: the Arktikans, the Talonians and the Arboreans, with members encouraged to dress in their Tribe colours, showcase their insignias and cheer on their teams. Throughout the screening the audience is shown the backstories for each Tribe via beautifully created animations. Those attending the cinema event will be able to support their Tribe straight from their seats via the DanTDM “The Contest” App. 

Tickets for DanTDM Presents The Contest are on sale now, but act fast because this experience is only in theaters November 2 at 12:55 local time (check here to purchase tickets)! I chatted with Dan about The Contest, the biggest challenge he faced, and what fans can expect from this unique theater experience! 

Pure Fandom: What was the biggest challenge you faced when putting this experience together?

DanTDM: We wanted to make sure that the story really translated and although we aimed really big (inter-galactic big) I think it did! It’s very different from my channel, so that was definitely something we wanted to make sure worked too.

Fans are used to watching you play games on your channel. With The Contest, will you be in a little bubble in the corner “playing along” or will you be a part of the experience in another way?

So The Contest cinema release won’t have me playing along in the corner like my channel, no. But I am hosting the whole experience so you won’t miss me!

I’m taking my daughters (who are huge fans) – what should we expect walking into The Contest? And, aside from downloading the app, is there anything we should do to prepare? Have a think about what Tribe you want to be a member of.

There are three and you can find out all about them HERE. Some people have bought official Tribe merch and others are making their own costumes! You don’t have to do this though, download the app and come along. I’m hoping even if you’re a parent you can enjoy the experience!

What are you hoping people will take away from The Contest?

I hope they feel like I was able to create a really special and amazing world that has literally never been seen anywhere else. The whole experience really challenged me creatively, and I think that the audience will feel connected and, even though I’m not there physically, like I’ve managed to bring a bit of Team TDM to them wherever they are in the world!

If you could only use three words to describe The Contest, what would they be? 

Arborean, Talonian, Arktikan!

Awesome, thank you! Looking forward to it! 

Spread the word and make sure you get your tickets soon! You can get more info here on The Contest HERE


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