‘Single Parents’ 2×06 recap: “Welcome to Hell, Sickos!”

Happy Halloween!

Single Parents 2×06 “Welcome to Hell, Sickos!” aired October 30, 2019.

TV shows love to do special episodes for Halloween and Single Parents made no exception. To celebrate the day, this new episode was full of spookiness, costumes and of course… a lot of fun!

Let’s see what went down.

Who decorated the classroom?!

Would it really be Halloween without some creepy mystery? Not really.

Douglas is in charge of taking the kids to their school’s Halloween party. As the room parent, he was also in charge of decorating the classroom for the occasion. Which he didn’t do. Yet, the classroom is full of scary decorations when the group comes inside.

So, who did it?!

When Douglas tells Rory about it, Poppy’s son thinks there’s a dangerous psychopath hiding among them. He suggests they should all leave the school. Douglas agrees after Rory shows him a (real) dead rat on the floor—pretty creepy, right?!

In the end though, it’s revealed that the twins put up the decorations. Which still sounds a little creepy, to be honest. At least, until Douglas confronts them as they go to sleep.

They tell him that they didn’t want people to get mad at him for being a bad room parent. On the opposite, they wanted others to see him the way they do: as a pretty good dad. How sweet!

(Also, they didn’t kill the rat. Thank God indeed.)

The cool moms

Single Parents 2×06
ABC/Scott Everett White

After Rory and Graham decided they wanted to go to their school’s party without them, Poppy and Angie are left alone at Douglas’ house. They start wondering if their kids will still love them when they’re teenagers if they already don’t want to spend time with them.

This is when they see a group of teenagers hanging out outside the house. To prove they’re still “cool”, they decide to invite them to a party inside. Indeed, if these teenagers think they’re cool, then for sure Rory and Graham will too when they’re their age, right? That’s at least what two slightly drunk Poppy and Angie believe.

Everything goes well, at first—the teenagers do seem to find them cool. Everyone is having a great time. That is, until they leave the house and Poppy and Angie discover they stole Douglas’ alcohol.

Poppy goes into an “angry mom” mode, then. She tells the teenagers she’s going to call the cops—or worse, their parents!—if they don’t give the alcohol back.

If in the end, things didn’t go too well with the teenagers, it does go well with their sons. Indeed, when they come back from the party, they tell their moms how they wished they would have come, finally. I live for these adorable parent-child moments inside the show, to be honest.

1 night, 2 parties

Single Parents 2×06
ABC/Scott Everett White

Speaking of parties, Will also has a busy night planned. As well as Halloween, the 31st of October happens to also be his girlfriend’s birthday.

If at first, he told her that he couldn’t attend her birthday party because of the Halloween party at his daughter’s school and the pumpkin contest that comes with, he eventually decides to do both. He goes to the birthday party first, with the intention of not staying there long. But of course, a problem occurs.

Tracy is a big fan of escapes rooms and that’s exactly the activity she chose to do for her birthday. In perfect Halloween fashion, the escape room is a little creepy—and, even more terrifying for Will, the activity is supposed to last for two hours. There’s no way he’s going to make it in time for the pumpkin contest at his daughter’s school, then.

Eventually, he manages to leave after telling Tracy he has to be there for his daughter. But he still arrives late at the Halloween party. As he apologizes to Sophie, she tells him that instead of wanting to divide his time between his girlfriend and his daughter, they could spend some time the three of them.

I guess it means he and Tracy will take a new step in their relationship. As a Will and Angie shipper, I’m not losing hope, though: I’m here for the slow burn. Everything will happen at the right time.

Plus I’m kind of intrigued to see how things will go between Sophie and Tracy, now.

Will is dead

I missed Miggy. I feel like it’s been a while since he got his own storyline. Fortunately, Single Parents 2×06 finally showed us a little more of him!

Indeed, Will gave him the important task of giving candy to the children who would come to his house while he and Sophie are away. And if Will is apparently amazing at greeting people on Halloween, Miggy takes the spookiness to another level. When a woman with kids knock on the door and complain about the way he greeted them, asking about when Will will be back, he simply tells them… that Will is dead.

I guess it goes with the whole Halloween theme. He didn’t stop there, though. Because later, the woman comes back with other people to know more about Will’s passing and how Sophie is handling it. Miggy tells them she is dead, too.

The “prank” goes on for a while, until Will and Sophie come back home. They’re very much alive, of course. Miggy seems very proud of himself while everyone else is confused.

So confused, even, that the woman grabs Will and… kisses him. I definitely didn’t see that coming.

But, as Sophie says at the end of the episode… happy Halloween, I guess!

Some more thoughts

  • I loved the idea of the kids dressing up as the parents for Halloween (and impersonating them). It was super cute and fun.
  • Also, I would love to see the “SPOOKY” welcome Will offers to people who come knocking on his door on Halloween.
  • “Who would have ever thought? Me, with a frog toothbrush?” Graham is still the sweetest child ever.

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×06? Hit the comments and let us know!


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