‘Riverdale’ 4×03: 9 highlights from “Dog Day Afternoon”

Riverdale 4×03, Season 4, Episode 3, “Chapter Sixty: “Dog Day Afternoon,” Aired October 23rd, 2019.

Abs and a Carwash

With plans to turn his boxing gym in to a community centre, Archie is in need of some major cash and with the help of Betty, Veronica suggests a shirtless car wash, and queue all of the swooning.

I have to admit, although I would love my own Jughead, I wasn’t going to complain at watching a shirtless Archie and Reggie.

 The car-wash, whilst fun and entertaining, didn’t provide them with much money to get the community centre up and running, causing Veronica to suggest the boys do a Magic Mike show or even go nude all the way. Now, this is Riverdale, so anything can happen and I vote for a Magic Mike show. Anyone else with me? 

Superhero Archie

Too proud of himself to take his girlfriend’s money and mad at his mom for not telling him about the fund her and Fred had set up for Archie, he takes things in to his own hands and confronts the crook, Dodger, a local who recruits kids to commit crimes for him. 

Only wearing a mask and carrying a baseball bat, Riverdale’s very own ‘Superhero’ goes up against five thugs and returns with a full bag of cash that he believes can be cleaned and used for the centre. 

I think the worst thing Archie can do is use dirty cash to set up his business and the fact that he thinks these men actually aren’t going to bother him anymore… Is he stupid!? Don’t answer that, we already know he one-hundred-percent is. 

The Return of Edgar Evernever 

Betty and Charles have finally tracked down Mr Evernever and their consequence is that one of their guys is immediately gunned down whilst going undercover. If Betty thinks it’s going to be that easy with getting Alice back, she’s in for one heck of a challenge.

Has anyone else not really felt the excitement of the real Charles being part of the show, or is it just me? I feel like the Charles story was dragged on that much, that when it was all resolved… it didn’t seem so satisfying. Although I am glad Betty has someone working alongside her, whilst Jughead adjusts to his move to Stonewall Prep.

On the other hand, is my excitement not there because I feel there’s still more to Charles’ story that we don’t know about yet? Something tells me that he’s a plot twist just waiting to happen and I’m keeping my guard up for the time being. 

Betty and Edgar come to an agreement that if he releases a hostage as a show of good faith, Betty will pass on to him a quarter-million dollars, passports and a bus for the farm’s transport. Why? At this point, we think it’s a lot less crazy than his actual plan, but let’s get in to that a little later.

However, Edgar is always one step ahead and has released a hostage before he is even asked. 

Polly Cooper… with an explosive strapped around her chest. 

Untrained teens defusing bombs

It seems completely bizzare and classed as yet another one of Riverdale’s ‘bad writing’ moments, however, I do see in some ways as to why Charles and his team would let Betty take the reins with defusing the bomb. 

Polly, for starters, became very anxious when Charles tried to approach, but with Betty’s calming voice and a quick motivational speech, she allowed her to approach cautiously to inspect the wires, with Charles guiding her through it in the background.

I guess that’s one way for Charles to meet his half-sister!

Of course they wasn’t about to kill off any of the characters we care about, so with two seconds to spare, our detective Betty Cooper (and the only person I love on this show) defuses the bomb and saves her sister, who has now been sent away to a treatment centre (thank gosh) to recover and get the help she needs. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn in to another Sisters of Quiet Mercy scenario!

Dark secrets come to Stonewall Prep

I was so happy that Jughead’s room mate was revealed as Moose aka “Marmaduke”, as he has someone that he knows and can confide in whilst adjusting. 

However, Brett isn’t going to allow the two friends to have an easy life at Stonewall Prep and is extremely good at playing psychological games. 

I felt so sorry for Moose when Brett revealed to the whole school that his father impersonated the Gargoyle King, as you could tell he was very proud of being a student at Stonewall and this was his way of forgetting about the life his dad had previously ruined for him. 

All I hope is that Jughead and Moose manage to get their revenge without getting in to too much trouble themselves – It’s going to be extremely annoying to see Brett throw their pasts in to their faces every episode!


We’re used to Nana Rose’ babbling at this point – does anyone even listen to this woman? However, this week, she said something that certainly grabbed my attention. 

She mentions “the triplets” and Cheryl corrects her by saying Juniper and Dagwood are twins. That being said, Nana Rose seems to know a lot that no one else knows so it would be no surprise if there was a third baby… or… dare I say… could Cheryl and Jason not have been twins, but triplets? 

Do we have a secret sibling ready to make an appearance? Either way, be careful of Nana Rose and her secrets! People should probably stop talking around her, because she’s listening far too well for my liking. 

Cheryl’s little secret 

Cheryl aka the new Norman Bates has been incredibly secretive about the Blossom’s basement, and although we knew, no one on the show did… until now.

It seems that the rats swarming Thistle House – found by Darius – had made an appearance because of Jason’s decaying body. In an attempt to fix her brother, Toni walks in on the scene and sounds/looks absolutely horrified by the scene in front of her. 

It broke my heart to see how happy Cheryl was when Toni walked in and “met her brother”. She is so ignorant towards the whole situation and I hate Edgar for bringing Jason back in to Cheryl’s life. This is getting way too messed up.

I only hope this doesn’t tear Toni and Cheryl apart, although I am expecting the tension to most certainly be there for some time. 

The Death of Edgar Evernever

I think it’s time Riverdale add comedy to their list of genre’s, as the whole Edgar scenario in this episode could have you howling! 

After all that time in the farm, Edgar has built a ROCKET to fly away in, as Evelyn drove herself and the farmies off the edge of a cliff. Sorry, what? Are we still watching Riverdale?

Betty and Alice finally coming together after being a part for so long was incredibly empowering, both ladies took matters in to their own hands, leading innocent people to safety and taking down Edgar once and for all.

Can we please take a moment to appreciate Betty stealing Evelyn’s look AND punching Fangs in the face? QUEEN. 

And what about Alice gunning Edgar down? Hallelujah!! See you later, Edgar – you won’t be missed! My only concern now is, will Evelyn seek them out for revenge?

What is on that VHS tape?

Betty and Jughead never get anything easy, so after dealing with Stonewall Prep and the death of Edgar, it obviously didn’t end there and the pair were greeted to a VHS tape sat on the doorstep.

Is this season 4’s big mystery? Bughead’s sex tape? Footage of a family member? Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

What did you think of Riverdale’s latest episode?

Riverdale airs Wednesdays on The CW and Netflix.  


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