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‘Black Lightning’ 3×04: Top 3 moments from “Lynn’s Ouroboros”

Lynn's addiction with Green Light!

Black Lightning 3×04 recap: Season 3, Episode 04, “The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four: Lynn’s Ouroboros,” Aired Oct. 28, 2019

In this weeks episode of Black LightningLynn experiments with Green Light, in a desperate attempt to save her family and other metas lives; Jefferson finds out that Anissa told Grace a family secret; and Khalil is on a murder spree. 

Lets breakdown the top 3 moments of 3×04 in more detail:

#1 Odell gets Lynn hooked on Green Light

We see Lynn under immense pressure, as the weight of her family and all metas lives fall on her shoulders. Lynn must produce a successful vaccine to cure the meta virus that’s slowly killing them, or everyone dies. No wonder Lynn looks like she hasn’t seen her bed in days. She takes the Green Light experiments to a whole new level, and begins to experiment with it on her self. She extracts the active chemical within the drug and then gives her self micro-doses of it. This enhances her alertness, smartness, and more. It seems to work impressively, but with every drug there is always side effects. Hmm, doesn’t sound like the best move, Lynn! 

After all the sleepless nights and endless anguish, Lynn finally successfully produces a working vaccine against the virus killing the metas. She trials it on one of her patients, and instantly he is cured – amazing! No more dying metas, so that means Lynn can be free from the A.S.A? And, that will be a no… Turns out Odell was much more sly and nasty than I thought. Along with using her emphatic and caring nature (for her patients) to control her, we find out another horrific way Odell has been controlling Lynn. Turns out Odell has been secretly influencing Lynn to get addicted to Green Light from the very beginning. Now that Lynn is hooked on it, this way Odell can easily manipulate Lynn into doing whatever he pleases. OMG – Lynn needs out of the A.S.A labs like RIGHT NOW. I just hope Jefferson finds out soon and takes out Odell once and for all.

#2 Jefferson discovering Grace knows the family secret

Jefferson shows up at Anissa’s apartment, but flips out when he discovers that Grace is there. Anissa is dressed up in her Blackbird gear, meaning that Grace of course knows all. Jefferson looses it and can’t believe Anissa would be so stupid to tell Grace. After all, what will happen if they break up? Grace would then become a threat to them and cause further issues down the line. Of course, Anissa fights back and is adamant that will never happen and she trusts and loves Grace. 

The argument gets really heated, Grace freaks out and shapeshifts in from of Jefferson. Jeff is like, “wait, WTF is going on!” Poor guy is so confused he is speechless. He then knows he shouldn’t have approached it this way, but Anissa is really mad and tells him to leave. The two patch it up later, and the badass duo is back fighting for the people of Freeland. 

#3 Khalil’s murder spree

Odell turns Khalil further into a monster by sending him out on a killing spree. After A.S.A trucks have been targetted by the One Hundred gang, Odell gets Khalil, or should I say Painkiller, to take them all out. Khalil’s power is a dangerous one, and one that is badly getting taken advantage of. He can release doses of a neurotoxin into your bloodstream, which will quickly cause paralysis and shut down your organs. Damn, not a fun way to go, right? Let’s hope that Khalil can be stopped and brought back to normality. 

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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