5 Halloween sitcom episodes to watch this Halloween

For those of us who are too scared for horror movies

Halloween is just around the corner! And if this day usually rhymes with spookiness, it would be nothing without some fun too. So what’s best than rewatching some Halloween sitcom episodes for the occasion? They’re the perfect alternative for people who can’t watch scary movies.

Many sitcoms — and TV shows in general — air special episodes to celebrate that day. In collaboration with Madeline Klepec, we gathered some of our favorite to watch this Halloween. They will put you in the right mood for sure!

Friends — The One With the Halloween Party

friends halloween episode

Friends holiday episodes are the best episodes of the series…actually, of any TV series ever to exist. The Halloween episode is no exception. Can we talk about the fact that Monica had Chandler dress up as a pink, fluffy bunny? That is the most Chandler Bing thing to ever happen. We also get Ross dressed up as Spudnik because of course Ross dressed up as Spudnik. However, everyone thought he looked like a giant turn instead. Same, though.

This episode also graces us with Phoebe’s twin sister, Ursula. It’s always a good time when Ursula makes an appearance in an episode — she’s truly a terrible, albeit, hilarious character. While this episode isn’t full of Halloween scares, it’s chalk full of a lot of laughs!

Community — Epidemiology

Halloween sitcom episodes

There aren’t two shows like Community. If at first, its premise sounds a lot like one of many other sitcoms — a new guy meets a group of people who will later become his found family —, its format is what makes it so original. Indeed, Community is known for its “special” episodes, where the characters go on adventures in different universes. And somehow, everything still makes sense.

Of course, the Halloween episodes are part of these special episodes. One, in particular, is perfect to (re)watch on Halloween: “Epidemiology”. Indeed, what better than a zombie outbreak during these spooky times? That’s exactly what happens in this episode. Don’t worry, though — these zombies aren’t really scary and won’t give you any nightmares.

On the contrary, this episode is simply hilarious. It’s one of the most iconic episodes of Community. One you can watch and rewatch endlessly.

Parks and Recreation — Halloween Surprise

halloween sitcom episodes
Danny Feld/NBC

Jerry had a fart attack. Enough said. Again, not a scary episode, but still a load of Halloween fun. All of the characters are dressed up in costumes, celebrating the holiday. Donna is literally the definition of a fandom stan because she can’t help but live tweet the Halloween movie they all gather around to watch. Did you even watch the movie if you didn’t live tweet it?

I’ve got to say, one of the most unexpected plot lines happens in this episode. You wouldn’t think a Halloween episode would be prime time for an engagement, but here we are. This is the episode where Leslie and Ben finally get engaged. Yay!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine — HalloVeen

Halloween sitcom episodes
Jordan Althaus/Fox

Speaking of engagements during Halloween sitcom episodes, Brooklyn-Nine pulled a similar surprise in HalloVeen.

Indeed, in the universe of the series, it’s been established from season 1 that Halloween rhymes with heists. What we didn’t know is that it can also rhyme with love. Yet, the fifth Halloween episode of the show ended with the loveliest twist ever: with Jake proposing to Amy.

This episode isn’t just great for Peraltiago shippers. The heist in itself is as fun to watch as ever. In-between some teaming up, betrayals, a fake Cheddar the dog and The Handmaid’s Tale references… it has everything you could you ask of such an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You can enjoy the Halloween fun without any fear!

BoJack Horseman – Mr. Peanutbutter’s Boos

bojack horseman halloween episode

BoJack Horseman is finally back on our screens for the first part of season 6! And trust me, this new season is just as amazing as the previous ones. What’s best than (re)watching the Halloween episode from season 5 to dive into this world again, then?

This episode takes us to 4 different Halloween parties at BoJack’s house between 1993 and 2018. It mainly focuses on Mr. Peanutbutter and his girlfriends, from his first wife to Pickles, his latest girlfriend. It very smoothly transitions from one party to another, and we get to see some of our favorite characters meet for the first time in a very fun way!

Plus, you can always look for the different costumes people are wearing in the background, from Shrek to Scooby-Doo or Mrs. Incredible. It’s all in the small details!

And you, what are your favorite Halloween sitcom episodes? Are you going to dress as one of your favorite characters for Halloween? Hit the comments and let us know!


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