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‘The Flash’ 6×04 recap: “There Will Be Blood”

Happy Halloween, Central City

The Flash season 6 episode 4, “There Will Be Blood”, aired 29 October 2019.

Happy Halloween week. The Flash zombie saga continues. I must say I never pegged The Flash as a show that would have a zombie episode, but then today I was just thinking how wild it is that this show is on its sixth season. I feel there’s a point for TV series where once you pass that, anything goes. And to be fair, the show doesn’t outrightly call them zombies.

Somehow, The Flash also managed to turn its Halloween episode into the biggest tearjerker. Now that Barry told them he will die in Crisis, we saw how each of them dealt with the news. Some tried to fight, some lost interest in life altogether, and some tried to be strong. 

Cisco tested

Cisco is visibly not taking the news well. He can’t accept that Barry has accepted his fate. Barry decides that together they will save Ramsey Rosso, and it feels like Barry is trying to have a last hurrah with his best mate.

Nash Wells pops in with a proposal: he will lead the boys to a serum that can cure Rosso, in exchange, Star Labs must build some circuit thingy for him. Together, the trio break into Mercury Labs, where Nash shows off his best Indiana Jones skills.

When they find the serum though, Cisco distracts Barry and Nash. He pockets it himself, intending to use it to heal The Flash from the energy blast in Crisis.

the flash sad cisco
the CW

Of course, Barry finds outs, which leads to a row between the buddies.

Remember that Teen Wolf scene where Stiles rants, “Death doesn’t happen to you, it happens to everyone around you, wondering how they are going to live their lives without you in it.” (One of the most powerful lines in cinematic history.) Cisco points out that Barry might have accepted his death but it doesn’t matter that the rest of them get to live if their friend isn’t there.

Barry then reveals that this wasn’t just a last hurrah. He wanted to show Cisco the tough choices he’d have to make as leader of Star Labs once The Flash was gone.

The Last Bachelor

Meanwhile, Iris finds Ralph a lead about Sue Dearborn, only to find that Ralph has given up on the case. Ralph tells Iris to stop helping him and just spend time with Barry while she still can.

Iris instead sends Joe to give Ralph a Pep Talk™️. Ralph admits he will miss Barry, and sees no point in pursuing everything knowing what happens in Crisis.

Eventually, Ralph apologises to Iris. He also looks into her lead, to Iris’ excitement.

“It’s just a missing persons case,” Ralph remarks, confused by Iris’ reaction. “It’s not like I’m looking to get married.” BUT YOU ARE, RALPH. EVEN IF YOU DON’T KNOW IT YET.

the flash ralph dibny
The CW

The Flash vs Zombies

At the end of last week, Rosso injected himself with what he hoped to be a cure. However, it turned out to be only temporary, leaving his body craving for more blood.

Barry gives Rosso the healing serum, which provides some respite. But the serum still doesn’t work. Ramsey realises that the Mitch zombie was invincible because of the presence of adrenaline in the blood. Which means he can’t just use any stored blood – he needs fresh blood from a kill.

Rosso attacks hospital patients, turning them into zombies. The Flash and Killer Frost try to fight him, the latter showing some new skill with her powers. Unfortunately, Rosso gets away, and the zombies melt into puddles of black goo. Yuck.

Why would you do this to us??!

Back at Star Labs, Barry makes up with Cisco then talks to Joe. He admits he wanted to save one last person before his time came.

In an absolute scene-stealer moment, Joe breaks down. He tried to be strong for everyone else this episode, but deep down, he isn’t ready to lose his son. Take a bow, Jesse L Martin. That was phenomenal acting.

the flash joe west
the CW

Barry says he doesn’t feel it is unfair for him to die in Crisis because he has had a lot to be grateful for – Joe most of all. He’s crying. Joe is crying. I’m crying. You’re crying.

Last but not least, Nash returns to the tunnel he was checking out last week. Using the thingy he got from Cisco, he confirms that he has found the Monitor’s lair. Why would the Monitor, in interdimensional being, live in a sewage pipe? Beats me. In any case, Nash Wells is about to strike his way in with a rock hammer, like a true geologist.

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