‘Stumptown’ 1×05 recap: Nail biting moments from “Bad Alibis”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 5, “Bad Alibis,” aired Oct. 30, 2019.

After a short hiatus, we are back. Unless, of course, you were watching the World Series instead of Stumptown. If you were, shame on you! (But also, go Nats.) Anyway, we left off last episode with Grey being kidnapped, so let’s see what transpired this episode!

Let’s get professional, and let’s find Grey

Dex has an interview to become an official PI. Woot, woot. Ansel points out that she looks funny, but who actually looks decent in a pant suit? Seriously, I am asking. I know I sure as heck do not. Meanwhile, Dex and Ansel are in charge of tending bar because Grey is currently MIA. Tookie is called in to take over as a head chef, too. He’s taking things to the next level to impress a food critique while he’s at it. 

Grey is in some deep crap, you guys. He leaves Dex some cheap excuse of a voicemail about an aunt, but Dex points out that she knows nothing of this aunt. I am scared. Grey is actually working on opening some suspicious lock on a safe for Kane that bad dude, and I feel unsettled about this. IT’S A TRAP… probably.

Dex survived the World’s shortest interview ever. And she was 100% honest with the woman interviewing her, which maybe will work out for her in the end?


Hoffman isn’t quite on vacation. Instead, he’s working on a case even though Cosgrove instructed him not to. Bro, go on vacation. Cosgrove shows up at his house because she knew that he wasn’t actually on vacation, and she has come to take his badge. Shhiiiizzzzz.

Hoffman shows up at Bad Alibis to offer Dex a job for a missing persons case. That missing person, you ask? Grey. *Insert screaming emoji here* She’s a little peeved at Hoffman though — no way is she spying on her bff. Yeah, you tell him, Dex! 

OMG. Grey’s passcode is Ansel’s birthday, which is so cute. Would have been just as cute had it been Dex’s birthday that he used. But whatever. Hoffman and Dex are digging around his office, and there’s some secrets that are coming out about Grey. However, Dex is hardcore denying the new information — she really wants to believe in Grey. I do too, girl.


Do not get in that car with the totally shady guy, Ansel. Oh gosh, now they’re getting ice cream together, and Grey sees that this man has Ansel via FaceTime. What is this man’s game? Thankfully, Ansel outsmarts the bad dude and gives a card to a waitress in the restroom to call Dex. Phew — Dex to the rescue!

Oh man, Dex is super clever. Love it, and I love Ansel and her’s relationship. Once again, Dex is not going down without a fight. She manages to take the bad dude down in the kitchen, and weirdly, the workers don’t seem all that fazed about it all. Casual, I guess. Hoffman arrives to call in the man as Dex goes to take Ansel home. We love a bad ass female TV character. 

It’s all going down in Stumptown

Grey is having a standoff with Kane, and now I am 100% scared for him. He seems to be reverting into a dark place. He needs Dex there to calm him down! I need to calm down! I am worried. Shots have been fired, and Kane is on the run, but Hoffman is after him. Yes, get him.

Cosgrove interferes before Hoffman can kill Kane. In the end, Hoffman lowers the gun. Someone give this man a hug. Also, someone give Dex a hug, too because she just went through some crap. She asks Hoffman to take it easy on Grey — always looking out for her friend.

Huh. Hoffman decides to not charge Grey with anything. He even tells Cosgrove that Grey was his informant the whole time. Just left the paperwork in Hawaii. Yeah…totes…

Yay! Dex has been certified as a PI!

More Madeline’s musings

  • Is Grey more shady than we originally thought? I can’t handle this.
  • If Hoffman’s not going to Hawaii, can I go instead?
  • I want Hoffman and Dex to be partners-in-crime.
  • I feel so on edge.
  • Cheers to Hoffman! 
  • It’s back to the truck for Tookie. 
  • I’m crying over Dex and Grey. Excuse me; I’m fine, okay.

Once again, another awesome episode with some great music. Also, Dex is finally an official PI. What did you think of tonight’s episode of Stumptown? Comment below or fangirl/boy with us on Twitter to let us know your thoughts!

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