‘This Is Us’ 4×05: “Storybook Love” recap

This Is Us 4×05 recap: Season 4, Episode 05, “Storybook Love” Aired Oct. 22, 2019

This weeks This Is Us was heartwarming and had so many important moments, as well as all the feels! Congrats to Milo Ventimiglia (who plays Jack Pearson) on directing this wonderful episode! The episode parallels Jack and Rebecca’s first night in their new home to Rebecca and the kids having dinner in their new home post Jack’s death. We also see more of Kevin and Cassidy, as he works towards helping mend Cassidy’s relationship with her husband. One of our favorite dynamics this season has to be Nicky and Kevin and we absolutely love all the scenes in this episode with them. 



THIS IS US — “Storybook Love” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Milo Ventimiglia as Jack, Mandy Moore as Rebecca — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

In this episode we see flashbacks of young Jack and Rebecca as they celebrate their first night in the new house. The two try to cook and everything seems to be going wrong, but the pair are laughing and having a good time together. They are so happy and in love and watching these scenes gave us all the warm fuzzy feelings. 

The writing on this show is amazing and this paralleled Rebecca, the kids, and guests having dinner in the new home after Jack’s death. Obviously this is difficult for everyone, especially Rebecca, who struggles to make everything perfect in order to celebrate Kevin’s recent marriage to Sophie. Miguel, Beth, and Kate’s new friend Marc also join and it soons gets awkward when The Big Three start arguing. Kate is clearly hurt by Kevin not telling her about the wedding and then gets insulted when Kevin tells her he doesn’t approve of Marc. 

A stressed out Rebecca puts the three of them in their place and I almost cheered at her little speech. Miguel came to the rescue with some wine and comforting words, which Rebecca really needed. The night turns around for the better when Rebecca tells the funny story of her and Jack’s first night in their new home. So many emotions! 


The Hot Sauce 

Even though Jack is gone, his memory still lives on. Beth brought the hot sauce in this episode as a gift and a way of honoring her father who had passed since he loved hot sauce. This brings on a melancholy tone to the dinner when Rebecca admits that Jack used to use it on everything. Although we as viewers don’t know Beth’s father as a character, by relating him to Jack it also connects Beth and the Pearsons. 

Beth understands how difficult losing someone can be, but she is honoring her father by this simple gesture. Later on after opening up about happy memories of her and Jack, Rebecca admits that everyone needs to be able to talk about him and not be sad. Obviously this will take time, but it was a heartwarming moment when they all toasted to happiness. 


“You have the strangest relationships with people” 

THIS IS US — “Storybook Love” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Nick Wechsler as Ryan, Justin Hartley as Kevin — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Kevin and Cassidy is a relationship this season that we are so excited to watch grow. Kevin tries to help Cassidy by attempting to get her and her husband back together. This seems strange and Nicky even says so to Kevin. However, Kevin was divorced at one point too so it makes sense that he wants to help Cassidy. 

Kevin, Cassidy, and Nicky attend a hockey event where she is being honored for her service. Instead of being supportive, Ryan pays more attention to his phone. When Kevin calls him out on it, he snaps at him and tells him that what she was being honored for caused all of their problems they’re going through now. It is clear that he is a bit threatened by Kevin’s relationship with Cassidy since he told him to stay away from her. Kevin realizes that he still has feelings for her and he is visibly heartbroken by this, because deep down a part of him has feelings for her too. 

So where does this leave Cassidy and Kevin? Well, we’re still shipping them. It was made clear in this episode that Ryan isn’t letting go of her yet though, so time will tell what will happen with that. It is a complicated situation because Cassidy does have a son, so it’s not like her husband will be out of the picture for good. We’re curious on where Cassidy and Kevin’s relationship will go in future episodes.


“How good were you today, Kevin?” 

Possibly our favorite dynamic this season is Kevin and Uncle Nicky. The two have a lot in common and we love how they have been there for each other. It was sweet to see the two hanging out together in front of the trailers talking about Jack and how he would have ice cream with Kevin. The amount of Jack stories in this episode was a lot to handle and our emotions were all over the place. 

Later on in the episode Kevin visits Nicky and he brings out some ice cream. He tells him the story of how his and Jack’s dad would open the ice cream container completely and cut a piece according to how good they were that day. It’s amazing how Jack passed this down to his kids and how Kevin remembered it. Nicky cuts Kevin a “pretty good” piece of ice cream and the two share a wonderful moment together.


“Wait for the bubbles to settle”

The scenes with Tess and Randall were so important and we are happy the show is addressing anxiety and how it affects people. Tess is sent home from school after having a panic attack, which concerns Randall and Beth as they try to talk to her about it. This doesn’t go well and Tess admits to her father that she doesn’t want to be like him. This is sad to hear, and Randall takes it pretty bad. 

We learn in a flashback with William and Beth that he also had trouble with anxiety and panic attacks when he was young. He tells Beth the story of how his mother would pour him seltzer and they would wait for the bubbles to settle, something that would calm him and help his attacks. Beth sits Randall and Tess down and has a much needed talk with them about how she has inherited so many amazing things from her father as well. She pours them both seltzer and the two have a moment together. 

Tess opens up with them about her struggles with coming out, a topic that is so important that they are addressing this season. Beth reassures that they will figure it out and that they are there for her. After this confrontation, Tess looked lighter now that she is not alone in dealing with this. 

The question is, where does this leave Randall and his anxiety? Beth tries to convince him to see a therapist and that it will be helpful. However, Randall doesn’t think he needs one and shrugs her off. This is definitely going to get brought back up since anxiety isn’t something that goes away completely. We are happy that Tess is going to get the help that she needs though, and hope that in time Randall will agree that a therapist is a helpful and positive idea. 


The Polaroids 

THIS IS US — “Storybook Love” Episode 405 — Pictured: Hannah Zeile as Kate — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

It’s interesting that when Kate found old pictures at the end of this episode in the piano, it focused on one of her and Marc. We are interested in why this is and what exactly happened to him. We don’t know much about him yet or where he went, so this remains a mystery for now.

Rebecca bringing the old piano to Kate was a happy ending to this episode though. It will be nice to have scenes of Kate and possibly baby Jack learning how to play perhaps in future episodes.

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