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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×04 “In Plain Sight”

Superfans, this week we say goodbye to Mr. James Olsen. No, he did not die, calm down!  Mechad Brooks announced he would be leaving Supergirl. The good news is, he got a proper send off. Before we explore the final chapter of James Olsen, let’s have a quick review of this week’s events!

Martian Bro

We have been patiently waiting for four episodes to see the reasoning behind J’onn and his Brother’s storyline. It seemed to divulge away from Supergirl too much. We finally got a glimpse of the bigger picture. 

  • Maleki’s mind inception powers would give Lena Luthor the boost she needs to continue her studies. 
  • Lena is called in to help Brainy fix a machine to put Maleki in the Phantom Zone. 
  • Lena, being Lena of course fixes it. She also makes her own. 

At the end of the episode, Maleki is thrown into the Phantom zone by J’onn. Ms. Luthor takes him back out and locks him in a cell in her lab. She thinks they can help each other achieve their goals. This marks the second step into Lena’s journey into madness. 

Welcome to Calvintown.


Jenny and James go back to the town they grew up in, Calvintown. Their Aunt raised the two of them in this town. James takes Jenny there to hide her from Maleki. When they arrive they find out their quaint hometown has become a disaster. 

  • People are getting kicked out of their homes because they are losing their jobs. 
  • Crime is up.
  • A prison has been built and is disrupting the neighborhood.

Essentially their town is a baby Gotham. To top it all off, when they arrive at their Aunt’s house there are homeless children squatting in it. They try to track one of the kids down. Their investigation takes them to a small convenience store. A man is dragging the kid out of his shop threatening to call the cops, because he was stealing food. 

Prison Corruption


It turns out the kid’s Mom was arrested for a petty crime. If he had a good lawyer, she would have gotten off. Now he is homeless. James makes a few calls and gets the kid’s Mom a good lawyer. 

James goes to his old role model’s Gazette. He finds him there. James asks him why he isn’t reporting about any of the bad things happening in this town. 

“If I start bad-mouthing the prison, my investors will pull out. The Gazette will be ruined.”

Olsen leaves very disappointed in him. The kid thanks James for his help. He states that he can’t wait for them to all work through this. He is devastated to find out that James plans to head back to National City. You can guess what eventually happens next. We aren’t there yet. 

J’onn’s Secret Revealed

During the events of the day, Maleki incepts Alex. Nia found out J’onn’s mind wiping secret last week. This week was Alex’s turn. Alex/J’onn is infuriated with J’onn. She claims she thought it was her fault that Kelly was in so much danger, because of her job. 

In reality it is J’onn’s misdeeds, that have been the cause of Maleki’s vengeance. It is unclear how much of this is Maleki and how much of this is coming from Alex. One thing was for sure, Maleki was the reason for all of Alex’s shooting. By the end of the episode, Nia, Alex, and J’onn now know what J’onn did. Awkward.

The Goodbye

As we all have guessed by now, James makes the decision to leave National City. Olsen tells the gang at celebratory drinks about his planes. Our Guardian is heading to Calvintown. James bought the Gazette.

I think this is a good move on James’ part. He goes back to his roots of reporting and uncovering the truth. All he ever wanted to do is help people. Now he has tasked himself with turning a town around. Jimmy Olsen deserves the fresh start. He deserves to be the hero of his own story. 

Jimmy will be missed, but at least his new journey has just begun!

What did you think about James’ last hurrah? Will you miss Mechad Brooks, or was it time?

Supergirl airs Sunday nights, on The CW.



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