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Legacies 2×03: The 6 biggest WTF moments

What. The. Shunka.

Legacies 2×03 “You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know”, aired October 24, 2019.

The third episode of Legacies’ second season continues the momentum of the first two episodes, dropping more bombshells and WTF moments than anyone was expecting. From Lizzie’s invisible lip-lock to the Headmaster’s late-night snack, there’s a lot break down.

Let’s dive into the 6 biggest WTF moments from Legacies 2×03.

1. Sebastian’s… invisible?

That vamp is way too pretty to not be seen! Sebastian is still lurking the grounds of the Salvatore School, and apparently Lizzie is the only one that can see him. Does he have something to do with Malivore? Is he spelled? Is he dead? Could I listen to him say the word “bewitched” forever and ever? YES.

What’s going on with our super-sexy “ghost” vampire? He’s clearly not from our present time and has been risen from the (un?)dead, or suppressed from blood and in a vampire-zombie state for a long time until now. The Other Side, as TVD fans will recall, was a place where all supernatural creatures went after they died. The Other Side is no longer and crumbled during TVD-days, so I’m not so sure about the lore around raising the undead.

The bigger question we have to consider: Is Lizzie in danger? Sebastian knows he’s bad news and warns Lizzie, and I don’t think it’s solely because he’s a vampire. Who is the woman he once loved that “Elizabeth” reminds him of? There’s a history that’s about to be unraveled, and I’m not sure Lizzie should be a part of it.

2. Josie going full dark and BREAKING ETHAN’S ARM

Let me clear about something: I’m all for Dark Josie. Josie is going through some major shit right now, and Headmaster Vardemus is taking advantage of it. She’s succumbing to her fear about The Merge, regretting her father being booted as Headmaster, and dealing with daily trauma of being a teenager. It’s no wonder she is being so easily manipulated by Vardemus. That’s not to say she went from 0-100 REAL QUICK during the football game when she broke Ethan’s arm. I love Ethan, and I have a feeling Hope’s stint at Mystic Falls High is going to bring these two closer together in more ways than one. While I’m all for a Hope/Landon reunion, the chemistry between Hope and Ethan is undeniable. Bring me my wine, I’m ready for the firework show.

3. Hope + Landon

This WTF moment is more of a, “WTF I don’t know how much longer I can take Landon not knowing who Hope is” kind of moment. Landon feels the sparks with Hope, and deep down he knows the secret she’s holding isn’t that she’s a “were-witch”. Landon’s enlisted in the help of Josie to figure out who Hope really is and what she’s up to, and I’m sure this investigation will further Josie’s dark tendencies.

Maybe Josie and Landon head to NOLA, and that’s when Aunt Freya (Riley Voelkel) pops up? Nothing can get past Auntie Freya, and I have a feeling not even Malivore can penetrate Freya’s magic to forget her niece.

Regardless, I’m R E A D Y for that Elijah-memory moment from Landon when he realizes who Hope is. The question is, will it be too late? 

4. Ric punching Vardemus

First of all, the beard stays. WE STAN THE BEARD, Y’ALL. Also, I didn’t know I needed Ric in a coach’s uniform, but now that we have it, there’s 100% Coach Taylor/Friday Night Lights vibes and there’s no going back.

Ric has not only lost control of the Salvatore School, but he’s quickly losing control of his daughters. One of them is currently making out with an invisible vampire, and the other is breaking people’s arms over a flag football game. He knows Vardemus is using his former students, especially Josie, and he won’t play his game. My conflicted heart sank when Ric punched former-Watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce in the face, but I quickly remembered that this Headmaster is not the character I love from Buffy, but a VERY VERY SCARY MONSTER-EATER.

5. Headmaster Vardemus eating—er—mowing down on some shunka.

Shunka, anyone? This Native American hyena-werewolf creature was the monster this week, and IMO it was the scariest yet. Shunkas only feed on werewolves, and apparently barber-shop-quartet-wearing headmasters feed on them.

We learned that the shunka was after Landon after Hope tried to lure it away from him while in wolf form. This confirmed to Landon that Malivore is not dead and wants him for something (which isn’t surprising—more on that in a minute.)

After Raf is brought back to human form (yay!) he chases down the shunka, killing it before it can kill his best buddy Landon. Raf also doesn’t recognize Hope (I thought maybe he’d be spared from the memory-loss somehow in wolf form, but he suffered the same memory-swipe as everyone else.)

At the end of the episode, Vardemus causally walks up to the dead shunka body, opens his month the length of a flagpole, than mows down on the carcass. What. The. Shunka.

Ric says in the episode that Caroline personally chose Vardemus as his replacement, and nothing gets passed Caroline Forbes-Salvatore. Could the real Vardemus be possessed by someone/something with a malicious agenda? My bet is that Vardemus is also the mysterious hooded figure that killed the boy in the cemetery last week. 

6. Malivore is after Landon

After Malivore spit Hope out, monsters started lurking again. It’s no surprise that Malivore wants Landon, but why? Last year I broke down several theories as to who Landon really is and if Malivore is actually his father or not. There are still several things that don’t add up:

  • Have we really seen the last of Landon’s mother? Was she really a rando that Malivore chose to give birth to “the perfect being?”
  • Was Clark 100% honest with Landon about his identity? My money’s on no.

So why does Malivore want Landon? See more on this point in this article.


-Lizzie is too smart to look past MG’s feelings for her. She needs to either stop taking his help or give him a chance, otherwise she’s starting to take advantage of his affections.

-I need more Kaleb! He lights up the screen and his one-liners are everything.

-Ethan and Maya are straight-up adorable. Sometimes it takes a minute for newbies to win the hearts of fans, but I was onboard from the moment they were introduced.

-Hope is incredible. She’s so badass, and I love having a female character like this to root for onscreen.

-Favorite quotes from the episode:

  • Ric calling Vardemus “Gary Poppins”
  • Landon doing his best Alec Guinness with “These are not the droids you’re looking for.”

What did you think of this week’s Legacies? Tweet me your thoughts at @lizprugh.

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Legacies airs Thursdays at 9pmEST/8pmCST on The CW.

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