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‘Supernatural’ 15×03 review: “The Rupture” will rip your heart out

This win felt like a loss.

Supernatural 15×03 recap: Season 15, Episode 03, “The Rupture,” Aired October 24, 2019

Each episode of Season 15 has packed an emotional punch, but this one really brings the pain. Three deaths, a huge fight, and a lot of tears. They may have pulled out the win, but there was a lot of loss in Supernatural 15×03. Here’s what went down! 

Plan A

The ghost trap is starting to break down, but the crew has a plan for Rowena to strengthen the spell to contain them. Cas, Dean, Sam, Rowena and Belphegor head right into the belly of the beast (the cemetery) to do the spell, but it’s too late. Rowena’s magic isn’t strong enough to fix the barrier and she is consumed by the dread of it all. We have seen the Winchesters in some pretty crappy spots, and they never lose hope. This time is no different – well, for Dean anyway. He is pissed and he is ready to fight, but Sam is worried. And frankly, so are we. Plan A fails.

The Crook, aka Plan B

After Rowena’s attempt fails, Belphegor has a plan. He tells them about a Crook that Lilith used to keep power over the demons once they went to Earth. She never used – just the threat that she could was enough to keep the demons in check. Belphegor suggests that they sound the Crook and call back all of Hell’s creatures. While he does that, Rowena will do a spell to close the split in Hell. It all sounds well and good, but we are starting to share Castiel’s suspicions of this dude.

Ketch finds his heart (and loses it) 

It wasn’t long ago that Ketch would (and did) sell out the Winchesters in order to benefit himself. So when the demon who was after Belphegor comes asking questions, and he refuses to give them up, we can’t help but smile – and then she ripped out his heart.. It’s such a bittersweet and honorable way for him to go. Just when we start loving him and the Winchesters start trusting him, he’s gone. RIP Ketch.

To Hell and (hopefully) back 

Belphegor and Cas head down to Hell to grab the Crook. Cas still doesn’t trust Belphegor AT ALL and he was right not to. Belphegor isn’t just a random, plucky, fun demon. He is after power and he uses the Crook to siphon the souls back to Hell and into him….and then Cas kills him. He destroys Belphegor and the Crook…and their plan.

Rowena’s sacrifice, aka Plan C, aka OMG, NOOOOOOOOO! 

Plan A and B have failed, so Rowena tells Sam about her new plan. She will sacrifice herself by having Sam kill her. She isn’t doing it for the glory or that greater good. She believes in the prophecy that Death’s book say about her final death and intends to use that bit of magic mixed with her death to save the world. She will die a permanent death and it will be Sam that does it.

It’s heartbreaking to watch as Sam finally gives in and stabs her so she can suck all of the souls into her body and take them with her to Hell. If you would have told us a few seasons ago that we’d be sad about Rowena’s death, we would have laughed, but she has become such a vital member of the team. Usually a death wouldn’t bother us, but in this season, the deaths seem like they will stick. RIP Rowena.   

Make Way For Medusa

Dean and Cas are fighting and it’s literally the worst 

The show is ending, people keep dying and Dean and Cas are still fighting. We understand why Dean is so angry, but this fight really, really hurts. They have all made mistakes and messed up, but they always make up and move on. This is the first time, in a long time that we are seeing Dean and Cas have this much of a divide, so much so that Cas leaves. The show is ending people. Can we PLEASE have a make-up hug? WE ARE ALREADY VERY FRAGILE!

Also, can we just stop to appreciate the fact that they stopped ANOTHER apocalypse and this one only took three episodes!? GO TEAM! 

What did you think of this episode? Are you heartbroken about Rowena, Ketch and the Cas/Dean fight? Hit the comments and let us know!

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