‘Single Parents’ 2×05 recap: “Sport”

It’s time to team up (and to reveal some secrets)

Single Parents 2×05 “Sport” aired October 23, 2019.

This week’s episode was all about sports and teaming up! And the least we can say is that it got a little chaotic… with a twist regarding Rory’s age. So let’s dig into the events of Single Parents 2×05!

How old is Rory?!

Will loves getting involved in his daughter’s activities. He didn’t take it well when he learned he couldn’t be room parent anymore. Thankfully for him, he can still coach Sophie’s soccer team. And he does it in the most Will way: trying to motivate his team by telling them having fun matters more than winning.

Which is good, because they didn’t win even one competition the previous year.

Everything changes when Poppy asks if Rory can join the team, though. Indeed, despite having never played before, he happens to be really good at it and becomes a true asset—they might finally win something. But there’s a catch (there’s always a catch). In order for him to play, Poppy needs to prove he’s 9 with a birth certificate.

Not a problem, you say? Well, actually it is. Because Rory isn’t 9. He’s 10 years old and doesn’t know it… #WTH?!

Of course, at first, Will refuses to lie and keep Poppy’s secret. She knows just what to tell him to make him change his mind, though. She puts some images of him and Sophie during future competitions inside his head—of the two of them bonding together. After that, things escalate quickly.

Will becomes obsessed with winning while Rory does make the team win… but not without hurting a few other children along the way. Poppy decides it’s time for him to stop playing but he refuses. Which leads to her sharing the truth about his age.

And well, it doesn’t go too well.

Single Parents 2×05
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Graham deserves all the love

Meanwhile, things don’t go too well either in the Fogerty household. Douglas has a hard time adapting to his new life with his new roommates. Especially Graham, who can’t seem to want to leave him alone. He waits for him to come back from work, asks him about his day or wants Douglas to teach him things like tying a necktie.

All in all, he’s being the most adorable kid ever. But Douglas doesn’t see it that way, and Angie tries to explain it to her son. Seeing how it affects Graham, she quickly changes her mind and tells him to stay like he is—which eventually leads to Douglas yelling at him.

Angie hears it and confronts Douglas. She tells him that Graham considers him as his family and was simply happy to live with a male role model, then chooses to move out of the house.

This is what I mean when I say that I think Douglas has the best potential for character growth. He still has a lot to learn—and he does learn from his mistakes as well as tries to repair them.


Even though I like drama, one thing I really love about sitcoms is how, no matter what happens inside an episode, everything gets resolved at the end of 20 minutes. Happy endings are good. And this episode of Single Parents made no exception.

Rory was obviously upset that his parents lied to him about his age but after a very sweet and touching explanation from his mother, he understood that they did it to protect him. Still, he was sad about not celebrating his real tenth birthday (which is a huge milestone for a kid!) and was afraid of how his friends might react to the news. So Poppy threw him a surprise birthday party. And all ended well for Rory, with his friends telling him how cool it is to be 10.

Graham and Douglas got their happy resolution too when Douglas told Angie he and Graham should stay at his house… and offered to teach him how to tie a necktie. This was probably one of the cutest scenes of the whole show. Douglas has the potential to become the softest dad, I know it!

Single Parents 2×05
ABC/Richard Cartwright

Some more thoughts

  • Poppy and Miggy having conversations through the vents at night… What an iconic friendship.
  • Speaking of him, I feel like we don’t see enough of Miggy. He needs more screen time!
  • I love it when a TV show uses songs inside its episodes. That whole scene with “You’re the Best Around” in the background was amazing (and definitely reminded me of a similar scene in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 1).
  • Graham wanting to know why Douglas came home with a stained shirt… this kid is too pure for this world.
  • As much as I love everything couples-related, we had a lot of those in the past episodes. Having these new dynamics between the characters was very refreshing, then.

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×05? Hit the comments and let us know!


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