‘Limetown’ recap: Episodes three and four

Lia slowly unravels the mystery of Limetown as she talks to the second survivor...

Today on Facebook Watch, episodes three and four of Limetown are available to stream. Here’s our quick recap of everything that went down!

Episode Three: “Rake”

“I didn’t start that fire, but I did murder them.”

Lia and Mark travel to Rake, Wyoming

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Winona had said, “They all died because of him, in Rake, Wyoming,” so that’s where Lia heads next. After research, she suspects the survivor to be a man named Lindsey Frost, who is suspected of starting a fire that killed three girls years earlier. He was never convicted of the crime. Frost is very sick, but as long as there’s no cameras, he allows Lia to come interview him. 

The mystery of Lia Haddock

Lia opens up a bit to Mark about her own story. She still won’t answer her mothers calls, but she talks about the recent loss of her father, who tried to commit suicide, then slowly wasted away. Along with that, there’s a strange moment in the hotel room that hints at more of her idiosyncrasies. 

A confession and a death

When Lia and Mark visit Frost, there is a reverend present for the whole thing. With her recording system set up, Lia questions Frost about the fire. Sensing his death coming, Frost launches into a full story and confession of his involvement. He says he didn’t start the fire, but he did kill the girls. In a horrific story, he recounts how he held the doors shut so the girls couldn’t escape, watching them burn and die. 

The real survivor

After all that, Frost doesn’t understand what Lia means when she mentions Limetown. He has nothing to do with that. The reverend that witnessed the confession stands up, and with Frost’s spoken consent, he helps Frost pass on with assisted suicide. Lia tries to rest and recover from the encounter, but then Mark realizes the truth.

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When Winona said “they all died because of him,” she was talking about a man named Warren Chambers, who took care of the pigs in Limetown. Like the ones who were all found dead and barely buried in episode one. 

And in Rake, Wyoming, Warren has found a new life, as a reverend for the terminally ill. 

Episode Four: “Napoleon”

“Why won’t you help me?”

Welcome to a fresh start

Dr. Warren Chambers recounts his start in Limetown, and being welcomed there by none other than Emile Haddock (who seems a bit too involved with all of this). Warren enjoyed his time taking care of the pigs, but they kept getting taken away. Thankfully, he had one pig always by his side, Napoleon.

Connecting mind to mind

Warren gets a visit from Dr. Oskar Totem, who you might remember as the only body found at Limetown after the disappearance. He tells Warren about a piece of technology they are developing. If it works, they can connect people “mind to mind,” enabling a level of understanding for “speech without speech.” 

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Oskar wants to use Warren and Napoleon’s close relationship to test the product, and Warren agrees. At first, it’s an amazing experience. Warren feels closer to Napoleon than anyone else, and he can feel everything he feels. But soon Oskar and the others running the experience push it to extremes, instigating trauma and separating them indefinitely. Napoleon starts feeling scared all the time and can’t sleep, so Warren feels the same. 

Pushed to the limit

Soon, it’s too much to bear. Warren feels Napoleon’s pain, and decides to help him be free of it. Finding him in the facilities, Warren brings a sledgehammer with him. With a bow of his head, and a feeling of acceptance and understanding, Warren puts Napoleon down. But after Napoleon is dead, he hears him again, feeling his own call to the void. In pain, Warren turns the hammer on himself.

A glimpse of death

Warren wakes up in the Limetown facilities recovering. He tries to apologize to Oskar, thinking he has failed the experiment. But they tell him the opposite. It worked beautifully, and now they are moving on to human trials. Back with Lia, Warren tells her he knows nothing else. She pushes him for more information, and he admits that he is scared of something. Lia tries desperately to get him to say who he’s afraid of, but all he says is, “You’re not there yet.”

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In a later recording, Lia states that three days after their discussion, Warren was killed by a supposed drunk driver. But given the circumstances, she suspects that it might have been murder. 

Check out Limetown now on Facebook Watch, and come back every Wednesday for new episodes!


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