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8 years of ‘Once Upon a Time’: 8 reasons why we LOVE it

8 years of Once Upon a Time

Eight years ago, on October 23, 2011, Once Upon a Time aired its first episode. Although I didn’t watch from the beginning, this show has brought numerous years of joy to me. Not just to me, but it made an impact on a lot of people who watched the show. Even though the show aired its final episode about a year and a half ago, we still love it.

(I apologize to people who knew me during 2015-2018 when I was super fan because it took over my life.)

Since it’s been 8 years of Once Upon a Time, we have 8 reasons as to why we love it!

Captain Swan

If you’ve followed my posts throughout the years, you knew I had to give Captain Swan their own section. The show gave us some awesome ships, but Emma and Hook were the ultimate OTP. Their relationship and romance was a slow burn, but the progress and depth of the romance was what captivated me and a whole bunch of other people. Once Emma kissed Hook in Neverland, I was hooked and way too invested in their blooming relationship. 

Emma and Hook’s relationship wasn’t perfect, and that’s what made it relatable. They fought; they loved; and they went to Hell for each other. Seriously, they actually went to Hell for one another. It was a storybook romance that you rooted for, even when they weren’t together. They’re so cute, oh my gosh. I miss them.

The female characters

One of the best aspects of this show was how bad ass the female characters were. From Emma, to Regina, to Belle, they all had their own quirks and strengths. None of them were the same. Belle used the power of knowledge; Emma used the power of everything because she could kick anyone’s butt at any time; Snow used the power of hope; Regina used the power of redemption.

Each woman was strong and didn’t need a man to swoop in to save them. “Sorry, the only one who saves me is me.” Yes, Emma! However, they all had vulnerable sides to them. Because even though they were strong af, they had moments where they felt defeated. And that’s what made them so likable: they were REAL. Well, as real as fairytale characters can be.

Best fictional boyfriends

I think we can all agree that OUAT had some of the best fictional boyfriends in all the realms. Killian Jones, David Nolan, Robin Hood and etc. Need I even say more? These men would do anything for their women. Plus, they weren’t so bad to look at either. In other words, the OUAT guys were boyfriend goals.

Well-developed villains

Rumple was one of the most well-developed villains on the show. The dude was evil, and we saw that time and time again. At one point, he had zero redeemable qualities, and that is the perfect definition of a well-developed villain. Eventually, as we saw, Rumple changed his tune and died a hero.

Of course, Regina was also a strong villain. She was cruel, and during season 1, it was hard to even like her. As the series progressed, we saw her fight her darkness and become a hero, which was pretty cool. Shoutout to another great villain: The Black Fairy. I hated her; I hated her to my core. I also appreciated the fact that OUAT didn’t try to make her redeemable; girl was just evil.

Shoutout to other evil characters like Cruella, Pan and others who I am probably blanking on right now.

Jaw dropping plot twists

Man, there were some plot twists were I just stared at the TV screen for minutes after. Some of the plot lines were whacky, and I never saw them coming. Suffice to say, OUAT always kept us on the edge of our seats.

The most notable jaw dropping twist was Emma turning Hook into the Dark One. I was SHOOK. Belle forcing Rumple over the town line was something I also didn’t think would happen, but it did. There was always a story to tell on the show, and sometimes, they made us tweet in all caps lock because we were so shocked. I was the caps lock queen live tweeting this show.

The friendships

Where would we be without friendships? Just like in real life, some of the most meaningful relationships are with our bffs. OUAT didn’t shy away from friendships. One of my favorite underrated friendships was Belle and Hook. I mean, he did try to kill her a couple of times. Nonetheless, they pushed aside their differences to bond. 

Hook and Charming were also one of the best BROTPs on the show. We also can’t forget Rumple and Wish Hook’s friendship in season 7, too! I also really appreciated Emma and Snow’s friendship in season 1 before they found out they were mother and daughter. Zelena and Regina’s sisterhood/friendship also made me happy.

The escapism

When you needed an escape from life, Once Upon a Time was there for you. That was one of my favorite aspects of the show — it took us to a faraway land where magic was real. We got swept away in the romances, the magic and the adventure. It was just you and a world of possibilities. Okay, I’m getting a little sappy here, so I will stop for everyone’s sake. And my own.

The fandom

To say the OUAT fandom was and is passionate would be an understatement. The fan art, fanfic, cosplay and etc. that was created through the show is unreal — for real, there are some real talented people out there! We bonded together for the love of one thing, and that was Once Upon a Time. I mean, a lot of people read as I went on, like, novel-length tangents about how much I loved Captain Swan.

Happy 8 years of Once Upon a Time! Also, I am still onboard with a movie in the future, so if anyone knows a guy in Hollywood, let them know that we want this. Seriously, I will write the script! What do you love most about the show? Sound off below or tweet us!

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