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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×03 “Blurred Lines”

Superfans welcome back to Martian Manhunter, I mean Supergirl, no I think I do mean Martian Manhunter. This week’s episode focuses on our man, J’onn J’onzz. 



J’onn is determined to reveal his lost memories. He enlists Nia’s help. Together they embark into J’onn’s mind. Nia gets a glimpse of J’onn when he was a kid playing psychic hide and seek.  When it is J’onn’s Brother’s turn, however things go south. 

  • Maleki can’t use his psychic powers right. He can’t find the kids.
  • The kids begin to make fun of him. 
  • His powers accidentally go crazy and hurt all the kids. 

J’onn’s Father witnesses this and his fearful for his son. They decide to lock him away until, they can find a cure. We all know how well locking away kids works. Meanwhile Maleki becomes more and more resentful of his family. 



On the other side of town we have newly crazy Lena and Hope/Eve plotting their next lab experiment. Lena is still trying to re-map the brain. She is running into many issues. Lex, I mean Lena, realizes she can’t force the brain to function properly. Shocking, the brain does what it wants. 

She believes the answer to lie in Lex’s journals. Where are they? In a highly secure facility. Can she get in? No. Who do we know that is indestructible and super fast… Lena devises a way to trick Kara into helping her steal the journals. 

I find it hard to even be angry at Lena. She is so good at manipulating Kara. The woman is radiating Cersei Lannister vibes. Lena convinces Kara the only way she can heal from Lex’s betrayal is to get inside his head. Kara, desperate to make things right with Lena agrees to steal the journals. 



At some point in between last season and this season the writers decided we should care about Jenny. Even though we know next to nothing about her. We have barely seen she and Alex together. Yet, here we are with another Olsen that we have to deal with. That being said, this week Jenny gets into some deep water with Maleki. 

  1. Maleki shifts into one of Jenny’s former patients. 
  2. He meets with her and convinces her he needs help with his trauma. 
  3. She ends up accidentally giving Maleki back his powers of inception. 

Now Maleki can control people’s minds. He blasts Jenny across the room while she is still wearing the Obsidian contacts. Somehow they mold into her. She can pick out Maleki no matter who he shape shifts into. She is a huge threat to him. James takes Jenny out of town, until Alex can find a way to catch Maleki. 

The Biggest Sin


While Supergirl is off fighting some Spider lady. Spoiler alert, she wins. Nia is sleeping. She wakes from  a dream. She uncovers the final piece of J’onn and Maleki’s puzzle. Nia and J’onn believed his Father erased their minds of Maleki’s existence. It turns out that wasn’t the truth. 

“J’onn, your Father didn’t erase the memories, you did.”

J’onn did it. He committed the greatest Martian sin. He was a scared little kid then. J’onn just wanted his Father’s pain to go away. Unfortunately this resulted in Maleki hating all Martians. Maleki is determined to hurt everyone J’onn loves. Who can blame him really?

J’onn and Maleki have a long road ahead of them. What did you think about this week’s episode? Are you team Lena? Are you team Maleki? Let us know what you think!

Supergirl airs Sunday, 9pm, on The CW.



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