‘The Good Doctor’ 3×05 recap: “First Case, Second Base”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 5, “First Case, Second Base,” aired Oct. 21, 2019.

It’s a big day for Shaun this episode: he is preparing for his first solo surgery. Let’s dig into this week’s episode of The Good Doctor!

Oh yea, Leah

Okay, first off, I totally forgot about Leah for a moment. As Shaun and her are discussing his progressing relationship with Carly, he gets a text that he’s getting his first solo surgery. Yay! Thankfully, his patient seems to be in high spirits. When she points out that he’s young, she says that must mean he’s the smart af. Well, not in those exact words.

Seems like Lim picked the patient on purpose for Shaun. Andrews doesn’t agree with her decision to coddle him, though. She promises that she’ll give him some tough love next week. Park, even though he says he’s happy for Shaun, is a little bummed that he’ll be 3 out of 4….”at best,” he states. Hopefully he gets the next surgery!

Claire thanks Morgan for being there for her in the wake of her mother’s death; however, she wants to keep it between them. Morgan tells her that she’s in high denial over it.

Team work makes the dream work

There’s been a change in Shaun’s patient’s outcome of the surgery. Park tells the patient, but Andrews makes Shaun tell her that she’ll have to have a feeding tube the rest of her life. Turns out that the patient wants Shaun off the case, but when Lim and Andrews tell him, he refuses to be moved off the case.

After Glassman finds that Debby owns a gun, he goes to his residents for advice. He feels uneasy about it, and they all seem to have different opinions about it. So, Glassman didn’t really get the answer he was looking for when he came to them for advice. 

I think one of the best decisions of the show was Lim becoming chief-of-surgery. She’s caring, but she’s also not afraid to voice her demands and expectations. Lim even talks to the patient on Shaun’s behalf — telling her that Shaun has her confidence to perform the surgery.

Morgan and Claire…friendship?

Morgan points out that Claire is acting bitchy, which makes it suspicious to others because she’s usually not bitchy. Claire is so over Morgan’s opinion of her, which lol, same. Just let Claire be, Morgan.

Glassman decides to install a security system into their house. Debby isn’t too keen on his one-or-the-other method. She isn’t willing to give up her gun just because he thinks she should. 

It’s go-time for Shaun’s first solo surgery. However, he ends up running out of the room in panic. Lim makes the executive decision to have Park take over the surgery, but even Park refuses. He knows that Shaun can do the surgery. I am really team Park and Lim this episode — they’re really great characters. Shaun admits that the case is too complex for him, so he agrees to walk Andrews and Lim through it.

End results

Lim has Park scrub out of their surgery, but he says he would like to stay where he is. What was that all about? Lim offers Shaun to do the final stitch of the surgery, which is for the purpose of being symbolic. 

Park admits that he was mad at Lim, but he ended up getting a lead on a surgery. I’m glad that he gets a lead. I don’t think Morgan will be all too pleased when she realizes she’ll be the last resident for the solo surgery. Kind of nervous to see how she’ll react. There is sure to be some drama ahead!

More musings

  • Carly really does not like Shaun telling everyone about the intimacies of their relationship. 
  • Awe; I missed Glassman and Shaun’s conversations. 
  • Morgan is really determined — you’ve gotta give her that.
  • Things don’t seem to be going well for Glassman and Debby. Uh oh. 
  • Oh, hey, there you are, Melendez!
  • See, Morgan can have a heart! She just gave a dang hope speech. Snow White would be so proud.

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