‘Single Parents’ 2×04: “Big Widow Wives”

When a possum helps you face your fears...

Single Parents 2×04 “Big Widow Wives” aired October 16, 2019.

We’re back with a new episode of Single Parents, which means more funny shenanigans for our favorite group of people! Let’s see what happened to them this week.

“I’m not your handyman.”

single parents 2×04

Single Parents 2×04 started right where it left off last week: with part of Angie’s house having burnt down. The biggest damage was a hole in a wall and, after refusing Douglas’ daughter’s services, Angie and Will made it their mission to repair it—just like the hosts of one of their favorite shows, Mr and Mrs Kitchen.

If everything went well at first, of course it didn’t last for long. Right after they finished closing the hole, they found a possum inside the house. They decided to hide from it at first before having to face it. Indeed, both of them forgot their phones and needed them to call animal services and get rid of it.

That’s when things escalated even more: as Angie asked Will to go pick up her phone for her, the two had a fight. Will reproached Angie for taking advantage of him and needing him a lot lately. Which offended Angie—she doesn’t need anybody.

Is it just me or did they act a lot like another iconic sitcom couple in this episode, especially with the ‘handyman’ line? Like Nick telling Jess that he’s not her fluffer in New Girl?

In any case, like always with a show like this, their fight was resolved by the end of the episode. Will acknowledged he likes doing all these things for Angie and she told him about how she was not used to people being there for her and Graham before he came along. These two really need to realize the true nature of their feelings ASAP!

The bunker

graham d'amato 2×04

The fire at Angie and Graham’s house didn’t only make physical damages to the place. It also made some psychological damages to Graham.

Indeed, not feeling safe in his home anymore, he decided to lock himself inside his room. Rory was here to help—well, indirectly.

Being the very creative child he is, Rory made Graham reenact the Grey Gardens movie. What was fun for us viewers was very confusing for Graham, who decided that whatever was outside his room would be less scary than what his friend put him through. Unfortunately for him, he went out at the exact same moment his mother caught the possum.

Despite their fears, they both worked together to get rid of the animal. They finally managed to do it, in-between screams and hyping each other up. They truly are an awesome mother-son duo who don’t need anybody’s help!

Douglas and his grief support group

single parents 2×04

Fans of Douglas and Poppy must be happy since another storyline from this week’s episode of Single Parents revolved around their relationship. Douglas told Poppy he had plans with some friends for the night. She refused to join at first, until Miggy persuaded her that she should meet them. So she showed up at his door.

That’s when she learned that he lied to her (again)—he actually had a weekly meeting with other widows. Despite Douglas’ words (and hen metaphors), Poppy decided to stay. She quickly became jealous of how vulnerable he was around these other women, though. More importantly, it made her sad to hear him talk about his ex.

Indeed, compared to everyone else in the group, his wife died. She will always have a place in his heart, then. And Poppy needs to accept that. But, as he told her, Douglas has never been as happy as he’s been since the two started dating. How cute!

Of all the characters in Single Parents, Douglas is the one with the more room for character growth. I love to see him getting softer and more vulnerable with each new episode—even though he still has to improve, especially when it comes to his vision of women. His relationship with Poppy is definitely good for him, though. It’s not perfect, but they’re willing to make it work and I’m here to see it grow.

Also, I could use one of his famous hugs. They do seem wonderful.

New roommates

single parents 2×04

After Will and Angie made up, they came to the conclusion that she and Graham needed to move out of the house. He offered to stay with him and Sophie, but she refused.

Instead, they moved in with Douglas. Which will probably bring some hilarious moments in the following episodes. I can’t wait to see what will happen with the fifth of them living together now. After all, Elizabeth Meriwether knows one thing or two about writing about roommates…

Some more thoughts

  • “I didn’t hear any of that. I’m too tired.” As always, Miggy is very relatable.
  • Making a joke about fanfictions without making fun of the people who write them? Well done, Single Parents!
  • Will really compared something he did for Angie with something a husband did for his wife… Just saying.
  • I love that Poppy goes to Miggy to talk about her problems. This friendship is amazing and their scenes together are always so great.

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×04? Hit the comments and let us know!


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