‘Batwoman’ 1×03 review: “Down, Down, Down”

Batwoman Season 1, Episode 3, “Down, Down, Down” Aired Oct. 20, 2019.

While the first two episodes of Batwoman really played a part in setting up this world, this one set up Kate as a true hero. Let’s discuss:

The Masks We Wear

As Alice prances around Gotham with a destructional agenda and a promise to break, Kate is coming to terms with her own masks.

However, Alice, our resident villain going by a persona in a children’s book, is not the only one with masks to wear in front of certain people.

For starters, let’s talk about Sophie. Sophie’s storyline this episode highlights her relationship with her husband. This has been something we’ve all been curious about, and it was fascinating to some answers. From what we’ve seen, Sophie and [insert guy’s name I’m forgetting but will do a quick Google search about]… Tyler have a pretty happy marriage. Except Sophie is hiding her relationship with Kate from him. Her own internalized homophobia? Maybe… but we still don’t know enough about Sophie to know exactly what’s going on in her head. Heck, I don’t think Sophie knows what she’s feeling half the time.

The CW

And we cannot forget about our favorite, Mary Hamilton! The only person she wants to be completely transparent with is Kate. In turn, I hope Kate let’s Mary in on her secret sooner rather than later. Because yes, I want that transparency to be a two way street, and I also think so far Mary is one of the strongest characters in this series. Her nuance and depth will hopefully be explored in the coming episodes.

And as for Kate, her struggle this episode has been in coming to terms with her own heroism. Even though Kate literally traded one mask for another, in doing so, she still stripped the inauthentic parts from herself. No she’s not Batman, and she doesn’t want to be. And with that, Kate realizes she also has something to offer this city… and that’s herself. And that’s Batwoman.

Stray Musings:

  • The more time you spend with Mary, the more time you see how awesome she is. Everyone thinks she’s just a vapid narcissist, but really, that’s farthest from the truth. And Sophie got some of that today.
  • I AM HERE FOR THAT BARTENDER GIRL AND KATE, SIGN ME UP! Firstly, bartender girl has a way of just cutting through the bullsh*t and getting right to the point, that’s something I really appreciate (I’m a Scorpio), and something I think Kate really needs in her life.
  • Alice wants Kate to forget that she’s her sister. Wow. They’re really going to destroy me, huh?
  • Vesper Fairchild’s narration and expositional value > Kate’s narration and expositional value.
  • Tommy, you HUSH! See what I did there? Also, got to hate the logic of the 1%.

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