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‘Black Lightning’ 3×02: Top 3 moments from “Maryam’s Tasbih”

Khalil returns to Freeland!

Black Lightning 3×02 recap: Season 3, Episode 02, “The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two: Maryam’s Tasbih,” Aired Oct. 14, 2019

In this weeks episode of Black LightningKhalil is back (yay!) but not all is good as it seems; Gambi finds a way to contact Anissa, while she is still stuck outside Freeland’s parameter; Odell knows that Black Lightning‘s powers have manifested, and is not pleased he has been kept in the dark about it. 

Lets breakdown the top 3 moments of 3×02 in more detail:

#1 Khalil is back

Just as we got over Khalil’s death, and then the shock of Khalil in one of the green pods – we finally get reintroduced to him. However, Odell has done some serious damage to poor Khalil, Odell is programming Khalil to become a wepon the A.S.A. can use, whenever they please. They have developed a brain wipe chip, and Khalil is the first subject. 

Painkiller has now taken over, and Khalil’s memory has been wiped. Odell sets up the target as his own mother – OMG!! Painkiller turns up to his home and brutally strangles his mother to death. OHH NOO! Poor boy is going to be broken when he ever comes around, and remembers he killed his own mom. I just hope Jen is able to save him real quick!

#2 Gambi makes contact with Anissa

Turns out Anissa is completely fine and no longer badly hurt from the blast – hell yes, to meta human powers! Blackbird is working hard, trying to keep the people she freed safe, along with the Perdi’s help. However, the Perdi start to resist and no longer want to help Blackbird. Blackbird kindly reminds them they have a deal, and they cant back out now. After a few Perdi men knocked down, Anissa reminds them who is boss and that the Perdi need to back the hell down.

While Anissa deals with the stress of keeping everyone safe, Gambi works up a plan to help find Anissa. Gambi bombards Henderson and pressures him into helping him steal the tech, to break down the Freeland parameter and therefore track down Anissa. Henderson finally agrees, and acts as a distraction for Gambi. He confronts Carson Williams (on why he took away a fellow officer due to ‘rumors’), while Gambi disguises himself as an officer and sneaks in and steals the tech.

Finally, Gambi is able to contact Anissa, and now knows she is well and safe! He helps Blackbird take down some Markovians who were scanning the parameter of Freeland. The dynamic duo are just getting started! I really hope Gambi can help bring back Anissa to safety, after she is done freeing the innocent metas.

#3 Odell knows Jefferson and Lynn’s secret

Ever since the tests have took place on Jefferson, his powers have manifested and has grown much stronger. Of course Lynn and Jefferson keep this quiet to themselves, but it isn’t long before Odell comes sniffing around. Odell makes it clear that he knows their secret and isn’t too happy about it. Jefferson doesn’t trust Odell and believes there is more to what is being said.

Another meta (who is being held in the A.S.A facility) called Maryam, confirms that Odell is up to something and shouldn’t be trusted.

Making the metas fight one another just adds to the list of all the inhumane things that Odell has conducted. Lynn isn’t too happy about Jefferson using Maryam, especially after she collapsed after more tests. However, at least they know they should be wary of Odell’s intentions. Here’s hoping that Black Lightning can stop Odell before he wipes the brains of everyone in Freeland! 

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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