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‘The Flash’ 6×02 recap: “A Flash of the Lightning”

Barry seeks out the future.

The Flash season 6 episode 2, “A Flash of the Lightning”, aired 15 October 2019 on the CW.

After a promising opener, The Flash delivered again this week with another stunning episode. As Barry tried to see the future, the show gave us some vague hints at future episodes – possibly beyond the crossover.

There were phenomenal performances across the board. Grant Gustin showed off his range again as Barry went through a tumult of emotions. Danielle Nicolet sold Cecile’s arc this week. On the lighter side of things, Carlos Valdes and Danielle Panabaker had fantastic comedic timing as Killer Frost learnt to live life.


We start with Barry and Iris. Although shaken by the Monitor’s proclamation that Barry must die, they decide they still can change the future. Barry tries to time-travel to the day after he supposedly dies, but finds an antimatter barrier clogging the speedforce. It burns him and prevents him from passing through.

Fortunately, he knows an expert on antimatter – Jay Garrick. The retired Flash of Earth 3 says he has detected antimatter on different Earths, indicating the whole multiverse is indeed in crisis.

Barry meets Jay’s wife, Dr Joan Williams, who is Barry’s mother’s doppelgänger. Joan and Jay try to project Barry’s consciousness past the antimatter. There might be some significance to Barry putting on Jay’s helmet.

the flash jay garrick barry allen joan williams
Robert Falconer/The CW

The set-up works, although the process fires up Barry’s nervous system so his whole body feels on fire. He sees an energy wave frying everyone, except one timeline where only the Flash disintegrates.

Barry passes out from the experiment. He wakes up to Joan reading him poetry (from which the episode gets its title) to stimulate his neural synapses and help him wake up. “Lady Gaga usually works for me,” Barry mumbles. Hahaha. Some things never get old. 

Now convinced he must die, a worn-out Barry begs to see Iris. Joan and Jay return him to Earth 1 since Barry can’t move himself. Iris tells Joan about her late doppelgänger.

Iris tells Barry not to accept his death but Barry seems defeated. He later confides with Joe that he understands he needs to sacrifice himself, but feels like accepting that feels like giving up. Cue the Joe pep talk.

Life 101

Cisco and Ralph bring Killer Frost to an art gallery to “live life”. They give her a serum that hides her hair, eyes, and voice, so she can fit in (aka the show can save some of their fx budget.) Despite Ralph’s best efforts, Killer Frost is dismissive of the artworks, including some photos of Kamilla’s.

However, Cisco later catches Killer Frost drawing in a sketchbook. Turns out, Killer Frost’s attitude at the gallery stemmed from her own struggles to express herself artistically. The ensuing scene was hilarious. It’s fantastic how Cisco is becoming as good a friend to Frost as he is to Caitlin. I loved the playful, teasing dynamic between the two. Like two siblings taking the mickey out of each other.

the flash killer frost
Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Eventually, Killer Frost purchases some of the work at the gallery to decorate Star Labs.

Cecile’s sense for justice

Oh Cecile, our honorable DA. While prosecuting a young metahuman for alleged murder, Cecile senses that the defendant Allegra is innocent despite the girl’s history of petty crimes.

Cecile, Iris, Kamilla, and Ralph form a detective team to review the case. Ralph points out the victim suffered heat burns, not radiowave burns, unlike what Allegra’s powers are known to cause. They try to meet the eyewitness who placed Allegra at the crime scene, but find Allegra over the eyewitness’ body. Allegra burns Ralph’s face, demonstrating that her powers span the whole EM spectrum unlike previously though. That means she could have been guilty.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, Cecile remains convinced of Allegra’s innocence. Eventually, she tells Allegra of her own metahuman ability to get the girl to tell her the truth. Allegra reveals that her cousin, who is supposedly dead, was with her during the particle acceleration explosion and would have gotten the same powers.

Sure enough, cousin Ultraviolet attacks CCPD in a techno music action sequence, looking for Allegra. Barry responds even though he’s still recovering. He withstands the intense UV radiation to KO Ultraviolet.

Cecile decides to become a defence attorney for metas to better help them within the justice system. Iris hires Allegra as an intern as the girl had expressed an interest in journalism.

A world without the Flash

Ralph uncovers information about Ultraviolet: the accelerator explosion (the gift that keeps on giving) left her in a vegetative state. Eventually, some unknown group gained custody of her, then sent her to kill people and frame Allegra. The team express concern that some organization is turning metahumans into assassins.

I feel like this organization might become a part of the second half of the season.

Theory time: Sue Dearborn is somehow related to this organization. Maybe she is a meta herself, and her powers are tied to her initial disappearance.

Back home, Barry and Iris plan for the future, one that the Flash might not be in. They decide the team needs to be told.

the flash westallen

The way that Barry, in shock and pain, wanted just to see Iris, and that he rationalized his imminent sacrifice as to save everyone and Iris, mentioning her specifically, is testament to how this couple finds support in each other. For many OTPs, finally getting together is the pinnacle of the ship. Not Barry and Iris. They continue to have strong moments through married life.

How to make a zombie

During this time, Ramsey Rosso is still trying to procure more dark matter. His new powers attack and kill an errant dealer. When examining the body, Rosso removes some black substances from the wound. Then the dead guy remobilizes and attacks Rosso.

Looks like Bloodwork not only kills, but can somehow revive. Kind of.

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