‘Stumptown’ 1×04 recap: Things get real in “Family Ties”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 4, “Family Ties,” aired Oct. 16, 2019.

We left off last week in a bit of a predicament, and Dex is here to right some wrongs. Things are getting REAL in Stumptown. Let’s dig into this episode!

Smashing cars and shiz

The episode begins with Dex bashing in Artie’s headlights. Hell yeah, girl. Although, Grey didn’t think it was the best plan ever. And he doesn’t think her plan to have Tookie undercover is all that good either. Tookie’s reaction to dressing up as a janitor, though? He was SO over that plan.

Tookie managed to steal the file, but of course, Artie finds him. Dangit! Wait, wait. He actually outsmarted them! Yes!

Things aren’t all that great at the police station as there is a dangerous man on the loose from a crash. And the fugitive on the loose has a close connection with Hoffman — his friend was murdered by him. 

Dex won’t quit

Dex isn’t one to quit, especially when it comes to Artie and this slime bag Randall. Now Sue Lynn is trying to make Dex step down. Again. She either pays up to the casino or she backs off Randall. 

Okkkkk. I love that Grey helps Dex with her cases. I’m sorry, but I need them to just be together already because they make a great team. Still shipping it, you guys.

“Kent sucks. No disrespect!” Hoffman really knows how to just spill the tea while also trying to be nice. Honestly, me. Cosgrove moves him off the case. I like that we’re seeing some depth to Hoffman’s character this week. We really haven’t seen a lot of who he is, and this episode is really peeling back his layers and showing his emotions.

Dex has been arrested a lot in the short duration of this series. This time, Artie is the one to call the cops on her. I think you’re messing with the wrong person, dude. Dex is not backing down no matter what happens. This is what I like about Dex — she has a heart and wants to help others. Cosgrove offering Dex a desk in the office for the amount of times she’s been arrested is amazing. LOL

Pinata in the Mustang

As Cosgrove questions Dex about damaging Artie’s property, Dex comes up with the elaborate story that she was smashing her own car because it has a hidden piñata in it. Obviously Cosgrove doesn’t believe her, but she’s letting Dex off the hook on the account that she doesn’t like Artie. Join the club.

“Are we dating?” is the question of the episode. This, however, is asked by Grey to Hoffman, and omg, I need a bromance between them. This is too good of an opportunity to pass up on. Make it happen, Stumptown!

Unfortunately, Randall takes the baby away from his wife. Hate him and hate Artie. Dex feels defeated, but thankfully Ansel is there for her. He then mentions he knew Dex would find a way to him when he was taken away in the car. Does that mean Ansel was put into foster care briefly? Aw. He even encourages Dex to talk to Artie when he comes to their house to talk because she’s supposed to help people. Ansel is so pure.

Do we trust him?

Artie tells Dex why he decided to not care. He had a baby who had medical issues and ended up passing away. However, Dex isn’t so sure she can trust him. Not that I blame her. He does give her a lead, and she meets with Randall’s tax guy. They even end up going on a mission together, which is a big change from when we started this episode. (Is there a formal name for a dude who does taxes? Or is it just a tax guy?)

Speaking of trust, what is up with Grey? One minute he’s this lovable dude, and the next second I’m wondering if he really is shady af. I don’t want him to be! Even Ansel senses a change in his attitude.

Cue the fight scene! Now it would seem that we can trust Artie. Of course this is when Sue Lynn would decide to show up. Sigh. This lady. I love how Dex crashed Sue Lynn’s dinner with Randall. OH DANG! Sue Lynn and Dex were in cahoots against Randall?! I am here for this. Randall’s ex is getting her baby back, too. Dex is the best.

More musings

  • Grey, Dex and Ansel’s little family relationship is my favorite thing, like, ever.
  • Shady Jake Johnson.
  • Harvy would never disrespect Gordon like Artie disrespected Dex. My Gotham fans will get this.
  • Someone give Hoffman a hug or something! Maybe Cosgrove is right and he needs to take a vacation. 
  • The song that comes on when Dex and Artie are trying to make a quick getaway is the best thing ever.
  • Grey and Ansel together. Again, SO PURE. 
  • Artie apologizing was really awesome, I must say. I’m glad he had a change of heart.

Another great episode. What did you think of this week’s Stumptown? Sound off below or tweet us your reactions! Also, the music on Stumptown is ON POINT. *Goes to update my Spotify playlist*

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