Facebook Watch’s ‘Limetown’: An immersive and addicting mystery

The adaptation of the hit podcast hits the free streaming site today!

Today, on October 16th, the first two 30-minute episodes of Facebook Watch’s Limetown are available to stream. The rest of the episodes will be released weekly, two at a time. The television show is an adaptation of the critically acclaimed podcast of the same name, created by Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie. The story follows Lia Haddock (Jessica Biel), a journalist for American Public Radio (APR), as she investigates a fifteen-year-old mystery of the disappearance of over 300 people in a small town in Tennessee: Limetown. If you want to watch the trailer first, you can check it out here!

Jessica Biel is amazing as Lia Haddock

Image: Facebook Watch, ‘Limetown’

Coming off of her amazing performance in The Sinner, Jessica Biel fully immerses herself in this character. Lia is deeply connected to the event in Limetown, as her uncle, Emile Haddock, played beautifully by Stanley Tucci, was one of the people who disappeared. She is a great researcher and journalist, devoted both to her job and to finding out the truth. The rest of the cast includes Sherri Saum as Gina Purri, Lia’s boss, Omar Elba as Mark Green, her coworker on the story, Marlee Matlin as Deirdre Wells, Kelly Jenrette as Winona, John Beasley as Warren Chambers, and many other great actors that you will see as the story progresses. 

What is the mystery of Limetown?

Image: Devon Forward

In the show (and podcast), Limetown started as an experimental neuroscience research community in Tennessee. Lia’s uncle Emile was one of the people helping run the community. Lia greatly looked up to him, so finding out the truth of what happened to him means a lot to her. In episode one, all the public knows about it is that the town leader, Oscar Totem (Alessandro Juliani), met a brutal death in the town square. But he is the only person they found. All the other inhabitants of Limetown were gone, and no one knows where they went. As Lia investigates, she uncovers new information that shines a light on a mystery that has gone cold after fifteen years. 

Why you should tune in

If you listened to the podcast, then that should be reason enough to watch Facebook Watch’s Limetown. With the shift to television, there is a lot added to the story. In particular, you learn a lot more about Lia and her personal journey as she investigates. Jessica Biel’s performance is unnerving and intense, and that’s honestly reason enough to check it out. Once you watch the first two episodes, you won’t need to be convinced to keep watching, you will need to. 

The creators at the 'Limetown' premiere and Q&A
The creators at the ‘Limetown’ premiere and Q&A. Image: Devon Forward

Jessica Biel also serves as executive producer alongside her partner, Michelle Purple. They have their own production company, Iron Ocean Productions. The creators of the podcast, Akers and Bronkie, are also writers and executive producers of the series. Midnight Radio’s Josh Appelbaum is an executive producer and the showrunner for the series. Jeff PinknerAndré Nemec and Scott Rosenberg serve as executive producers, and Jim O’Grady serves as producer.

Facebook Watch is a free and global service, and is available for free on mobile apps for Apple and Android, as well as on desktop, laptop, and TV apps. Check out their new drama TV series Limetown here, with the first two episodes out now!


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