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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×02 “Stranger Beside Me”

Superfans, I think Ms. Luthor might be loosing it! I know, I know, we love her, but wow. That was a lot to take in. Let’s discuss this week’s batch of crazy!

Danvers Vs. Rojas (Round 1)


We open on Kara killing it as Supergirl. She is saving people with the swiftness and efficiency of a professional. Her professional reporter game however, is lacking. Andrea Rojas has a vendetta against Kara and it’s throwing her off. 

The funny part is, Ms. Rojas gives me Cat Grant vibes only meaner. Kara has grown to comfy in her Pulitizer life. She needs a good shake up. Andrea is here to shake it up. She starts with Kara’s tardiness and ends with forcing a fashion column on her. 

Some people may think Andrea is too harsh. I think she is just enough. After a serious chat with J’onn, Kara decides to push back the only way she knows how. Ms. Danvers is determined to do the work of two reporters and still kick a*s!

A Brother Uncovered


This week is not J’onn’s week. The boy’s got a serious case of the headaches. He met the little girl from the previous episode. Otherwise known as, his BROTHER! I know what you are thinking, “Since when does J’onn have a Brother?” Apparently the answer is, now. 

Here’s what we learned:

  1. Parts of J’onn’s memory was erased. This takes a very powerful Martian to do this. 
  2. Martians cannot harm their own kin, because of a curse that was given to them on their planet. 
  3. J’onn’s Brother was the one that betrayed the martians and helped the White Martians invade.

A White Martian and J’onn’s Brother came to Earth to enact a more sinister plot. We have no idea what it is. More is to be uncovered as the season goes on. 

Best Day Ever


Our Brainy is in love. This much is clear. The problem is he is epically failing at the delivery. Nia wakes up to a wonderful breakfast. What was the breakfast, you ask? Breakfast burritos! The he goes a wee bit overboard…

  • Lunchtime. Why yes, you would like 30 Bento boxes?
  • Dinnertime. How many pizzas can fit on Nia’s desk?
  • Finally, for dessert, poetry and a fire code amount of candles!

Nia tries to explain to Brainy, she doesn’t need all the frills. Our poor boy doesn’t listen. Our little Dreamer goes to sleep unsettled.

Lena, what did you do?


We have seen Ms. Lena Luthor as many things over the years. She’s been a CEO, Sister, Best Friend, Distraught, and now… crazy? One thing we learned from this episode is that she does not take betrayal lightly. 

Since Lex’s reveal, Lena has been relying more and more on technology. (Hope) She has begun to see humans as too flawed for their own good. Instead of dealing with these feelings the healthy way, she goes full blown mad scientist. 

The only good thing about this is, we get Eve Tessmacer back! Lena has captured Eve and is holding her in a lab. Why? Cue, the mad scientist theme music. Ms. Luthor has come up with a way to bring out the, “Due no harm,” philosophy in an extreme way. Essentially she wipes the mind of her subject, Eve, and syncs it with Hope. (She uses Obsidian Tech.) Naturally this will all go horribly wrong

What did you think of this week’s episode? Has Lena gone too far, or are her intentions still good? Do you feel bad for Even, or did she deserve it? 

Supergirl airs Sunday night, at 8pm, on The CW.


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