‘The Good Doctor’ 3×04 recap: “Take My Hand”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 4, “Take My Hand,” aired Oct. 14, 2019.

Love is in the air…and background checks during this week’s episode of The Good Doctor.Last week we left out on a sad note. This week we focus on romantic relationships and wedded bliss. Let’s see what happened this week!

Conspiracies and keeping things on the DL

This week Andrews, Park and Shaun are dealing with a well-known conspiracy theorist. He claims that he has been poisoned. Well, this should be interesting, for sure.

We saw last week that Claire’s mother died while driving drunk. And apparently Claire isn’t willing to open up about the tragedy in her life. When Morgan asks if her mom has been keeping her up with her singing, Claire responds that she’s been quiet. Poor Claire. Morgan and Claire are working together this week, which should keep things lively in the hospital.

Claire seems to be distracted during surgery. Again, poor Claire! Their patient, as revealed by Morgan, has never experienced pain before: physical and emotional. “She’s like a superhero; nothing can really hurt her.”

Gettin’ hitched

Glassman tells Shaun that his wedding isn’t going to be a big affair. They’re just going to the courthouse. As Shaun explains to Glassman about his relationship, Glassman has a far away look in his eyes. Perhaps he doesn’t know everything about Debbie like Shaun pointed out.

Wow, he really doesn’t know anything about his bride-to-be. This is all first and second date information, Glassman! He realizes this, and he exclaims that he can’t go through with the wedding. At least he can admit that he’s annoying when he tells Debbie all the traits about himself that she doesn’t know. Aw, he’s afraid that it’ll end in divorce.

I think we can all relate to Glassman’s analogy of not being a leaper but a toe dipper instead. This is what I like about The Good Doctor — it shows real human emotions. It makes us relate to the characters in different ways.

Getting called out

Shaun calls out the conspiracy theorist. However, the man seems pretty sure of himself despite it. Carly explains to Shaun what it means to hold hands, and their relationship is so cute and pure. I’m so glad she’s so patient with him. 

Now their patient is claiming that someone in the hospital is trying to kill him. Oh boy. He only trusts Shaun to touch him because he knows he can’t lie. Turns out the patient was being poisoned. We find out that it was the herbal stuff he was taking that was poisoning him. So, as Shaun points out, he was poisoning himself.

End results

Shaun straight up tells Glassman that he’s irritating, and THE TEA. I like what Shaun told him about referring to his ex-wife as his first. He explains that it means he’s meaning to have a second wife. Good point, Shaun!

Meanwhile, Morgan goes to confront Claire about her mood. She starts shifting through her things, and like, know your boundaries, Morgan. As she’s looking through her things, she holds up a tube. Claire simply states that it’s her mom. Claire decides to confide to Morgan about what happened to her mom. 

Morgan can have her moments, and I’m glad she’s choosing to be there for Claire. She even is taking Claire to do what her mom wished to do with her ashes when she passed. I always wanted to see more of their friendship, so I’m glad we’re getting it, even if it’s during sad pretenses.

More random musings

  • Park offering Shaun that fatherly advice.
  • Oh dang. The Claire and Morgan face-off!
  • It’s time to take the leap: Glassman is getting married!
  • I am so glad Shaun is there to see Glassman get married since he’s been like a father to him. 
  • Claire singing as she said good bye to her mom was so beautiful. 

Glassman got married! What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Doctor? Do you want to give Claire a hug as much as I do? Sound off below or tweet us!

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