‘Batwoman’ 1×02 recap: Down “The Rabbit Hole” We Go…

Batwoman Season 1, Episode 2 Recap: “The Rabbit Hole” Aired Oct. 13, 2019.

You can point to baby turtles eating strawberries, Billie Eilish singing softly as some harsh truths resurface, or the appearance of  creepy swing sets that made this episode great. However, if I’m being honest, it was a combination of everything “The Rabbit Hole” had to offer that makes me truly care about this world and this bat-family.

Episode 2 really solidifies the triumphant emergence of one of my new favorite shows, Batwoman. So let’s go down “The Rabbit Hole” together, shall we?

Alice in Not-Wonderland

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During the pilot you question Alice’s motivation beyond her obvious mental health issues… and episode two makes it abundantly clear. Alice wants to lure Jacob and Kate into her world. And no, it’s not Wonderland. 

The Crows cannot protect you because my father didn’t protect me. He stopped looking. Kate stopped looking. And now I’m alone, and no, I’m not in Wonderland liked they’ve told themselves.

Kate is able to get a message to Alice using one of her injured goons that sought medical help from Mary. It all comes up waffles as Kate and Alice meet at their favorite place as kids. And after this exchange it’s safe to say I’m on the side of Kate. What is brilliant about Alice’s villainy is you want to save her. At least I do, and Kate does. 

I feel that desperation in both of them. The moment in the episode when I started to cry was at Alice’s expression as Kate says: “I should have been with you.”

All in all, sign me up for more underwater explosions and Kate giving Alice LITERAL AIR TO BREATHE. It may hurt my heart, but it’s a good hurt.

when the party’s over

Ah, Sophie and Kate. We get more of a sense of who Sophie is this episode, considering she wasn’t kidnapped for most of it. But so far her defining trait is her loyalty. And right now, her loyalty lies with Jacob and The Crows… and not with Kate. At least, not in the way that Kate may want or need. So, Sophie tells Jacob where Alice and Kate are meeting. And it hurt. But this is the kind of angst I can get behind.

However, I’m still not putting all my eggs in this one shipping basket quite yet. I need more. Tell me why it’s Sophie for Kate. And why it’s Kate for Sophie (and why she’s currently married). Because right now it seems like Kate is holding onto the couple that they could have been versus the couple they actually were. And no amount of sexual tension filled stares will reconcile that if this relationship isn’t further explored (I’m aware it’s only episode two, but it’s my job to be thinking aloud here).

Also, I would LOVE to see Kate go on dates… just a FYI.

Sad, sad, flashbacks

Kate’s tenacity in looking for Beth the months following the crash, is I think, what makes Jacob sadder. Kate continuously looking makes her feel better (while reconciling her own guilt), and ultimately, moving on is what makes Jacob feel better.

That father-daughter conundrum was further explored in the present day, as Jacob refuses to believe that Alice is Beth. And listen, can you really blame the guy? Not only did he stop looking for Beth (and that has its own guilt), but then to find out that she’s been alive all these years and is on a murderous rampage across the city is well… A LOT to deal with. I sympathize. And I’m sure Kate gets that on some level as well.

Meredith Grey but with much cuter clothes

Firstly, Mary’s outfits were on point. Perfectly styled underneath a lab coat. We stan.


Mary continually broke my heart this episode:

  1. Making plans with Kate because she wants to be close, even though Kate is only half-listening
  2. Feeling like she can never live up to Beth’s image, even if Beth is Alice who has been terrorizing Gotham
  3. Getting attacked by Dodgson, barricading the door, sitting there screaming and terrified

My girl went through A LOT this episode. But I was glad to see she confronted Kate about how she felt, and that she had the trusty bat-knife in her pocket.

Anyways, in the future, please give me warning before you hurt Mary Hamilton. Or you can just not hurt her in the future.

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Stray musings:

  • Rachel Maddow’s narration as Vesper Fairchild is a really good expositional device, and it works thematically.
  • Alice is the perfect combination of vulnerable and creepy, and she’s truly a one of a kind villain.
  • Are y’all saying Wonder Woman exists in this universe??? Answer me!!
  • I’m enjoying Luke’s characterization so far. Because a show can easily get bogged down in archetypes like the “nerdy, geeky one” but it’s apparent that Batwoman is trying to move away from that.
  • Kate has Dodgson in a torture chamber?! I’m okay with that.
  • Catherine Hamilton took the knife? Okay, she’s known this whole time right? And she totally made up that they found Beth’s bone fragments for whatever reason. Evil I say.


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