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‘The Flash’: 5 Predictions for Season 6

Our Flash expert gives her take on what's in store for The Flash.

Where do I start? The Flash has barely returned but there is already so much to unpack. Our big bad’s origin story is already chugging along. The team already might have a new member. There has to be more to the Godspeed mystery. And the Monitor has already made an appearance.

Speaking of the Monitor, the crossover event is going to be huge. Black Lightning, initially insisted to not be in the Arrowverse, will be in it. Two Supermans will be in it – Brandon Routh will don the ‘S’ insignia again. Even Lucifer is going to be in it. They may as well call it the CW-verse crossover.

Essentially, there is a LOT to come this season. So, I am calling a couple of things in season 6. We’ll check back at the end to see how many I got right.

Someone gets kidnapped

– and it’ll be Caitlin or Cisco. To be fair, kidnappings are a staple in the comic superhero world, so this is no hot take. However, I put forth either of these specifically to be the kidnapped. For Cisco, his retirement from being Vibe might be seen as a weak point in Team Flash to exploit. As for Caitlin, I feel like her back-and-forth with Killer Frost might get her into some sticky situations. Not to mention, having connections to the villain might not end well.

the flash caitlin snow
Jeff Weddell/The CW

Ralph finds love but it won’t be easy

So, Ralph is searching for Sue Dearborn, and showing an unusual dedication to the case at that. In the comics, Sue Dearborn becomes Sue Dibny, but I doubt it will happen this season. In fact, I think Ralph will just find Sue towards the end of the season, leaving their relationship to develop next season.

the flash ralph dibny
Katie Yu/The CW

Part of this is because I think The Flash already has a lot going on that I can’t see how the Dearborn case will fit into things. Of course, this show has always worked in small arcs decently well. The Sherloque/Renee one ended up having a rather interesting twist. But I hope they won’t relegate Ralph/Sue to just a random temporary side arc. That one deserves to play out over time. Maybe the team can give Ralph’s book back to him.

We will see an old Harrison Wells

Maybe two, since I think Eobard-Wells is quite likely every season. A few of the promos show us a glimpse of Cisco encountering yet another Wells. Still, I think Tom Cavanagh will do double duty for at least one episode.

the flash tom cavanagh harrison wells
Cate Cameron /The CW

Question is, which Wells will show up? The universe-melding, timeline-changing ripples of Crisis on Infinite Earths is bound to attract Harry’s attention. He might come after Barry for answers.

Besides, the team could use a friendly Wells face, since the new one is “angry”. Both Cavanagh and new showrunner Eric Wallace have implied that the latest Wells won’t be as buddy-buddy with Team Flash as the rest ended up being.

Dark Barry as a fallout of Oliver’s death

During last season’s crossover, Iris asked Barry not to go down Oliver’s brooding path. That felt like a foreshadowing of sorts.

It’s not hard to picture Barry becoming more withdrawn and hard-hearted after winter. He will be losing his daughter and a friend within the same year. Plus, the Bloodwork storyline will likely have casualties too, so Barry will be witnessing a lot of death whether it hits him personally or not.

the flash barry allen oliver queen elseworlds crossover
Katie Yu/The CW

A change in character could also play into the set-up for the second part of the season with the second big bad. Maybe Barry will be more obsessed and take more extreme measures facing this villain. Of course, we hope he will find some emotional levity by the end of the season. Maybe if…

Iris gets pregnant

Remember the start of season 4, where Barry implied the arrival of the Tornado Twins amidst his speedforce mumbo jumbo? If there’s one thing The Flash does, it is picking things up eventually. Take the “Flash Vanishes in Crisis” headline. In season 1, it felt a bit like a dramatic gimmick at times. But it will be realized soon.

the flash westallen iris west barry allen
Katie Yu/The CW

“We’re going to need more diapers” wasn’t just an easter egg. All of Barry’s speedforce jibberish all came to be at some point. Even “This house is bitchin'” happened. This is the last one. It’s gonna happen. I believe it.

That said, I think it’ll only be something we find out in the season finale.

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Ellen Ng

Ellen is a exhibition planner by day and TV fanatic by night. Currently brewing lots of matcha and managing a team in Fantasy Premier League.

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