‘The Good Place’ recap: 4×03 “Chillaxing”

The Good Place recap: Season 4, Episode 3, “Chillaxing,” Aired Oct. 10, 2019

Get ready for some chillaxing this week as Michael and Eleanor throw a luau for the neighborhood, complete with lava rocks that give you your greatest desire. Also, Chidi like you’ve never seen him before – carefree. And trust me; you are not prepared for the amount of name-dropping that goes on in this episode. 

He’s chillaxing

Chidi’s new study group is not going well. Between Brent walking out of the class and Chidi playing frisbee golf instead of thinking about ethics, no one is becoming better.

So apparently, it’s time to torture Chidi. Otherwise, if he gets everything he wants, as he has been, he’ll think he’s done everything right and belongs in the Good Place – no motivation to better himself or anyone else.

The Good Place 4x03 Chillaxing Eleanor Chidi Cheleanor Michael Kristen Bell Ted Danson

Torture time

Jason’s a silent monk again. Eleanor makes Chidi promise to help Jason adjust to the Good Place no matter what. Of course, once Eleanor leaves, Jason tells Chidi he’s not who everyone thinks he is and that he’s not supposed to be there in the Good Place. Oh, the season 1 memories! 

The Good Place 4x03 Chillaxing Jason Mendoza Manny Jacinto Kristen Bell Eleanor Shellstrop torture Chidi

Later, Chidi has to accompany Jason to a neighborhood luau, which tests Chidi like never before. He’s entirely freaked out, and Eleanor wants to keep going, but Michael warns that they should ease up before he’s too freaked to help anyone.

The Good Place 4x03 Chillaxing Ted Danson Kristen Bell Eleanor Shellstrop Michael torture Chidi

It turns out Eleanor wanted to keep up the torture because she’s still having a rough time dealing with her feelings over Chidi’s sacrifice. She’s angry and sad and annoyed and took it out in the torture. It’s definitely a painful season for us Cheleanor fans.

Get your shirt together

Chidi approaches Eleanor and Michael with intent to spill Jason’s “secret.” He instead talks through his options and admits it feels like he’s being punished rather than rewarded. Eleanor bursts into tears, selling the point that the Architect is responsible for the whole neighborhood and a resident suffering is a problem that needs to be eliminated. 

The Good Place 4x03 Chillaxing Chidi Eleanor William Jackson Harper

Chidi ends up not telling Michael and Eleanor about Jason, and he makes the decision to teach Jason ethics to help him become a better person. Success!

Spa day

The Good Place 4x03 Chillaxing Tahani Janet John

Tahani heads to the spa with John, the human sent there to torture her. After pampering their outer selves, Tahani tries to push him into Chidi’s study group to purify his inner self. Yeah, he didn’t buy that. 

The Good Place 4x03 Chillaxing Tahani John

Tahani confronted John and told him his blog back on Earth was hurtful in hopes he’d realize he could do better in the afterlife. Also unsuccessful. He vehemently defended himself and went off on Tahani. 

She tries again later, telling John a life revolving around velvet ropes is no way to be happy, and the two end up as buddies. He apologizes and everything. Nice going, Tahani! But, oh, my gosh, the name-dropping. 


Who’s the creepy hooded figure on their way to the neighborhood?! That was an epic ending. Right when things were looking up, an ominous cloaked figure appeared. This show may be on its last season, but the writers are not taking it easy. The anticipation for next week just got kicked up. See you soon, forkers!


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The Good Place airs Thursday nights on NBC at 9:00/8:00c.

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