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‘Supernatural’ 15×01 review: “Back and to the Future”

"Welcome to the end." 

Supernatural 15×01 recap: Season 15, Episode 01, “Back and to the Future,” Aired October 10, 2019

The Supernatural Season 15 premiere picks up right where the Season 14 finale left off, with the Winchesters fighting the newly released souls from Hell. Cas, Sam and Dean escape to to a crypt with a dead Jack but they have nowhere to go. It’s epic and tense and everything we want from a Supernatural episode! 

Demon Jack, aka Belphagor

Oh my Chuck, how great is the demon in Jack? Yes, we are super sad that Jack is dead, but Belphagor is the BEST. Cas (of course) hates him and freaks, but the ever resourceful Winchesters want to see what he’s all about before they exercise him. He ends up pulling out a spell to blast away the ghosts, but it’s only a temporary solution because the ghosts as still out there! Despite his proven helpfulness, Cas is having a hard time working with Belphagor, which adds an extra layer of tension in an already tense situation. Thankfully, Bel’ gets along with Dean pretty well. 


The CW

Ghosts on the loose 

In a nice little nod to the series as a whole, this episode features some of the ghosts that the Winchesters killed years ago. Also, who else forgot how scary this show used to be?! These ghosts from the past are super creepy and having them all packed into one episode is giving us the chills, for real. BRB, gotta go stock up on some rock salt… 


The Winchesters, Cas and Demon Jack head into town to help get the citizens out in order to protect them from the ghosts. Sam and Cas go door to door to help get everyone out safely, but there are already some ghostly casualties. Thankfully, Demon Jack knows a spell to vanquish the ghosts from the town. He does a spell that locks the ghosts in a part of town, but it’s only a temporary solution because the real FBI will show up soon. 

The CW

Sam and Dean vs. every soul in Hell

They have the ghosts contained to a small area of town, but it’s clear that the battle has just begun and (as always), the deck is stacked against them. Sam is injured, Jack is dead, Michael’s out of the cage and so much more, but that won’t stop the Winchesters from fighting the good fight. Sam, the forever optimist, thinks that it’s good that God left because now they can fix things and finally have free will. 

The beginning of the end 

In a sweet nod to the pilot, the boys look into the trunk of their trusty ride and proclaim they have work to do and the scene of the pilot flashes over them. It’s hard to think of a world without this show, but if the Season 15 premiere is any indication, they will be sending our boys out with an epic fight and just the right amount of nostalgia. We are excited to see what this season holds! 

What did you think of this episode? What do you think Sam and Dean will do now? Hit the comments and let us know!

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