‘Single Parents’ 2×03: “Derek Sucks”

Love is in the air!

Single Parents 2×03 “Derek Sucks” aired October 9, 2019.

This new episode of Single Parents was all about love—past love or new, and even a glimpse at some potential future love stories. It was hilarious and, as always with this show, full of heartwarming moments. Let’s take a look at it!

The ex is back

After the way last episode ended, with Derek appearing on Angie’s door, it only made sense that this new episode focused primarily on them. Despite all the anger she might feel for him, Angie is still really attracted to Graham’s father. So she asked for Will and Miggy’s help to prevent her from doing a mistake.

No matter how hard they tried (mostly Will, though), Angie still ended up sleeping with Derek. All it took was for him to take out his guitar and play one note of a song he wrote for her. She still managed to find the guts to tell him to leave, though, only for a fire in the house to interrupt their conversation. That’s when Derek went back into the house to save Graham’s favorite stuffed animal.

Angie then decided he earned the right to know about his son after one last consultation with Will and Miggy—even though she’s not ready to let him see him yet. So, before he left, she gave Derek a binder full of pictures of Graham, taken over the years. It seems like all ended rather well… for now. Because I’m sure this is not the last we’ll hear of Derek this season.

In the meantime, I’m all here for Miggy and Will having Angie’s back. I love a supportive group of people. And this trio is iconic.

Will and Angie love each other!

I think at this point, I made it clear that I’m all here for Will and Angie’s dynamic (should we find them a ship name, by the way?). And this episode was a blessing in terms of their relationship.

I said in my previous recap that I couldn’t wait for some protective Will once he learns that Derek is back. Well, my wish came true! This episode was filled with great moments between Will and Angie, starting with him not hesitating for one second when she asked for his and Miggy’s help and being there for her all along.

My favorite part must have been when Derek asked them if they were together, though. I’ve watched enough TV shows to know what all this stuttering means.

Angie acknowledging Will would make a great boyfriend and the both of them saying they love each other (in a “we’re friends” kind of way… for now) is nothing but a beautiful foreshadowing of what’s to come for them. And I can’t wait for Angie to discover how great a boyfriend Will can indeed be! She deserves a beautiful love story.

I just hope we won’t get any kind of love triangle between them and Derek. But it doesn’t seem like it, if we’re to trust what was said at the end of the episode: getting back together with Derek wouldn’t be a good idea but letting him know about Graham might not be that bad.

Another date gone wrong

Dating is hard. Yet, it seems even harder for Douglas and Poppy. After the disaster of their first date, they decided to try and spend another romantic evening together. Poppy was supposed to take care of the children but Douglas managed to ask Graham’s ex-girlfriend’s father to watch them so that they could be alone.

And if everything started well, with a romantic setting and some live music, the dream soon turned into a nightmare—again. It wasn’t a heart attack that cut their date short, this time. It was the arrival of Rory and the twins at Douglas’ house.

Indeed, they figured something was off with their parents during their sleepover at Louisa’s. So they decided to go and confront them. It’s not like they would be missing out on a fun evening anyway—sleepovers at Louisa’s are a little… creepy, to say the least. But they’re absolutely hilarious for us viewers, whether because of the character of Louisa or the other children’s reaction to her antics.

Anyway, Rory and the twins left the house, only to come face-to-face with their parents having this nice dinner together. Poppy thought they should tell them the truth but Douglas thought otherwise. He didn’t waste any time to jump on the occasion when Rory told them they knew what was happening: they were rehearsing for a ball thrown in his honor, as the new class president.

This resulted in Poppy and Douglas having a fight. She and Rory left the house to have a movie night together. Thankfully, all ended well for them (again) when Douglas and the twins showed up at Poppy’s door and asked if they could join them. They both agreed this was a nice kind of date, too—with their kids involved.

As we say… third time’s the charm, right?

Some more thoughts

  • Is it just me or Single Parents gets better with each new episode?
  • Louisa is a little creepy but in the most hilarious way. I’m so glad they brought her back for this one episode.
  • I love that they cast Adam Brody, Leighton Meester’s real-life husband, as Derek. He’s amazing in the role and there’s no wonder why they work so well together.
  • “There is no way that man wrote ‘Hey, Soul Sister’.” Will’s resentment for Derek is strong and I’m here for it.
  • WILL AND ANGIE REALLY SAID THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. Season 2 is gonna be our season, people, I can feel it!

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×03? Hit the comments and let us know!


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