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‘Black Lightning’ 3×01: Top 3 moments from “Birth of Blackbird”

Blackbird rises!

Black Lightning 3×01 recap: Season 3, Episode 01, “The Book of Occupation: Chapter One: Birth of Blackbird,” Aired Oct. 7, 2019

In this weeks episode of Black Lightning: we learn from a news reporter that it has been exactly 37 days since the Green Light Pod Kids escaped, but since majority of their locations are unknown, the government have been grabbing kids from the streets that look ‘suspicious’ and holding them in detainment facilities. Jefferson and Lynn are held up in facility ran by the ASA, where Odell claims will keep them protected – but is he who they might need protecting from? Anissa takes on yet another alter ego, while she does her part to help keep Freeland safe. When Anissa isn’t fighting off soldiers, she hooks up with a new beautiful lady!

Lets breakdown the top 3 moments of the season 3 premiere in more detail:

#1 Jefferson and Lynn being held by the ASA (and under Odell’s command)

Both Jefferson and Lynn are in a ASA facility, until further notice. That means there has been no Black Lightning protecting the streets of Freeland, which has consequently resulted in the people of Freeland believing he is either dead, or that has given up on them. Jefferson has GOT to get out of there fast!

Since there was an attack carried out by the Markovian’s, Odell won’t let either Jefferson or Lynn go, leaving Jen and Anissa worrying over when they will be reunited with their parents again. Luckily for the girls, they have their Uncle Gambi to keep and eye on them. I have a feeling though that Odell is up to no good and cannot be trusted!

This is backed up when Odell poisons Issa’s food, so he cannot tell the truth that he learned about Odell. Agent Odell had forced Issa to use his truth-revealing powers on Tobias. When Issa asks Tobias about where the brief case is, Tobias reveals that Odell was actually put in Freeland to do no good – such as creating weapons out of all of the metas. Oh no, this is really bad. I just hope that Jefferson figures out fast that Odell should not be trusted.

One major new reveal about Jefferson was that he has a natural power to see through walls?! UM, WHAT? Jefferson just cooler every day!

#2 Blackbird aka Anissa protecting the people of Freeland (as always)

Anissa, Reverend Holt and other folks who work in the clinic, go visit a detainment facility where poor children are being kept in inhumane conditions. While there, a Markovian (known as Cycolotronic) breaks into the facility. Chaos breaks loose, but Commander Carson Williams ends up taking down Cyclotronic for good. After the fight happens, Odell then places Freeland on lockdown. Things aren’t looking too great for the people of Freeland right now. With no Black Lightning, it only leaves Anissa to step up. Or should I say, Blackbird!

Anissa does her thing and saves some metas (who were on a bus heading to a detainment facility) and takes them to a safe place – Reverend Holt’s Church. Can I just say, how bad ass in Anissa? If I was in Freeland, I’d be happy to know Blackbird was on my side!

Once Gambi confirmed that there was a big enough hole in the weakened ASA perimeter, Anissa leads the metas to their freedom. Just as we think the coast is clear, ASA soldiers corner them all and take on Anissa. Anissa does brillantly well to fight them off, but she ends up getting getting blasted out the perimeter and most likely stuck there. Let’s just hope Gambi and Jen can come with a plan quick to get Anissa back to safety!

#3 Anissa gets a new possible bae (goodbye to Grace?)

Anissa was drinking alone in a bar (reminiscing about Grace) when someone unexpected sat next to her. Oh yes, we know this girl – it was reporter from Clap Back News we saw earlier in the episode, Jamilah. She chats Anissa up and the next thing we know, the two are back at Anissa’s new swanky apartment. The two get it on real good! Could be the start of something great? Or Jamilah might just be Anissa’s booty call when she is lonely? I’m happy Anissa is having fun and living a little (despite all the mess that is happening in Freeland), but also I do have hopes for her finding Grace again. I cannot deny my love for those two. so I have mixed feelings over a new love interest for Anissa. 

Side note: Hello Shonda, goodbye Alexa! I really would love Shonda installed in my house! Gambi really done wonders with this tech.

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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