‘Stumptown’ 1×03 recap: “Rip City Dicks”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 3, “Rip City Dicks,” aired Oct. 9, 2019.

Stumptown is back at it, and this time, Dex is trying to make things official. With obtaining her PI license, that is. Also, I can’t help it, but I am still rooting for Dex and Grey to become canon. There will be no rest until it happens, so I might need to double my daily coffee intake.

Let’s dig in!

Life is just a movie, and you’re the star

Who doesn’t dream in movie scenes? You’re lying if you said you’ve never imagined a situation with you as the star in bright lights. Dex is visiting Artie Banks to get her hours to become a licensed PI, but he’s not so keen on helping her. However, he knows ALL about her because, duh, he’s a PI. He’s willing to help as soon as she says she’ll give him a cut of her jobs for the next year. Uh, excuse me, Mr. Artie.

Hoffman and Cosgrove are on the case after Grey’s friend was found dead. Hoffman’s first suspect, you ask? Our boy Grey. Please don’t let it be Grey; I am begging. 

Our first lesson: manipulate people. Well, first lesson according to Artie Banks. I, for one, am not condoning this manipulation. Dex is also getting a lesson in going undercover — in stiletto heels. Again, I love the authenticity of this show because Dex complaining about walking in those heels is 100% relatable. Sometimes in movies, women run in those heels like they’re in gym shoes. PUUHHHLEEESSSEEE.

Questions, questions, questions…

Uh oh, Hoffman shows up at the bar to “chat” with Grey. I still find it funny Jake Johnson is tending bar like he did as Nick Miller. Anyway, Grey wants to know why Hoffman is questioning him about his friend. Grey’s face seemed…unconcerned…when Hoffman told him his friend was dead. More on that, hopefully.

I love how Grey knows that Dex will NEVER pay for her tab at the bar. Pretty sweet deal she’s got there! Their friendship is literally the best, and I am in love with it. If you haven’t already caught on to that.

Sue Lynn pays a visit to Dex’s house and, like Dex says, she’s here to throw all the shade. Ah, but there’s a reason for her visit: she wants to pay Dex off to back off Randall. Gosh, this woman is literally the worst and is willing to protect scum just for the money. Also, showing up unannounced for a crappy reason is totally uncalled for.

Alibis and seduction

When Hoffman tells Cosgrove he’s unclear whether Grey is lying or not, he confirms with her that he did have an alibi. He was working at his bar that night, to which Cosgrove sees the irony of the name of the bar, Bad Alibi. Hoffman’s next move is to butter Dex up with dinner, but THIS IS NOT A DATE. Dex is quite adamant about that because that’s what “normal” people do. LOL.

Seducing is apparently conductive to solving cases…kind of. Even though they both say this isn’t about the case. What is this music that’s playing in the background? I feel like it’s The Great Gatsby all up in here. Yeah, Dex is too smart for Hoffman and his investigation into Grey. She is quick to clear Grey’s name. It can’t be him!

Artie is opening up to Dex, which is surprising. He reveals that he has a daughter that had a drug addiction, but he tells her that they’re finally back on track. He encourages her to call her dad, or she’ll end up regretting it. I am very interested to find out what happened to her parents.

This is private investigating

Dex asks Grey about Hoffman’s questioning, and he is quick to get out of there. This doesn’t sound too promising for Grey. Looks like he’s paying back his money, and now he owes double since his friend died. Maybe he’s not shady because he’s fast to tell the guy that he’s staying in Stumptown to protect the people he cares about. He’s trying to right his wrongs and get back on track.

Someone who is after Artie reveals to Dex that Artie is SHADY. Hmm. Well, he knows how to play the game. He doesn’t care that the woman they were helping is going to lose her child. This guy is a piece of trash. At least Dex has some feelings and knows that what he did was wrong. Oh, and the story he told her about his daughter was fake. HATE HIM.

Now Grey is in questioning with Hoffman. He is surely suspicious of Grey, and at the moment, he is the only suspect. This is not good. Not good at all. Cue the jealousy brewing between the two men over Dex. Phew, they found evidence that Grey didn’t kill his friend. Thank goodness. 

More of my thoughts you didn’t ask for

  • I love Dex’s style, but I am not edgy enough to pull it off.
  • Hey, Artie is Harvey from Gotham!
  • I wouldn’t call Outback Steakhouse a great establishment, but to each their own, Artie.
  • Hoffman has really nice eyes.
  • Leave Grey alone!
  • Her car’s cassette tap honestly makes everything better.
  • Dex is here to do the right thing, and she’s taking Artie DOWN. Yes, girl!

Things in Stumptown are starting to heat up! What did you think of this week’s Stumptown episode? Sound off below or tweet us your reactions! Catch up on previous episodes here.

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