‘Riverdale’ Season Four: What We’re Looking Forward to Seeing

Give us all the drama!

The premiere of Riverdale is only hours away and the anticipation is heightening with every second. The new trailer was released over the weekend during the Riverdale NYCC panel, revealing everything we can expect and look forward to this season, so whilst we wait for tomorrow to come around, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of all the moments I’m looking forward to!

Saying Goodbye to Fred Andrews

When I say I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to Fred, I mean that I’m looking forward to seeing the episode dedicated to the late Luke Perry, as I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it already from those who have been lucky enough to view it before it’s release date. 

In the trailer, we see Archie pick up a call from Fred, whilst he’s discussing an upcoming camping trip with Jughead, Betty and Veronica. However, on the other side of the phone call is Shannen Doherty’s character – a good friend of Luke’s and (we assume Fred’s) – delivering the heart-breaking news. 

The CW

This moment had my heart in my stomach and I know for sure, there won’t be one dry eye on me all the way through the first episode. Even that gif above gives me the chills – I can’t look at it for too long without wanting to cry!

Archie becoming Riverdale’s own Superhero?

This made me roll my eyes more than get excited, as Archie is too well known at the moment for getting involved in things he shouldn’t be, however, that being said – I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of crime he seems so determined to fight and why. 

Is it connected to Fred’s death? Or is it a distraction? Just please don’t get yourself killed, Archie! We’ve had too many close calls on that already. AND WATCH OUT FOR BEARS!

Jughead’s move to Prep School

It’s been known for a while that Jughead will be moving from Riverdale High to a new Prep School, however, we didn’t know if this would be for the best or for the worst and right now, it seems to be for the worst, as fellow students are already giving him a hard time. 

Brett – a new character and a student we need to be keeping an eye on – seems to be causing trouble for Jughead, as we see Jughead yelling “shut your mouth.” towards him. 

The CW

I’m looking forward to seeing Jughead’s transition to this school and by the looks of the other students, he’s going to stick out like a sore thumb, which could be a reason for the possibly bullying that will occur. Plus, if they find out anything about his life, I’m sure one or two, especially Brett, will have something to say about it. 

The Mystery of FP and Alice’s Love Child

In the season three finale, we was introduced to the real Charles – or at least I hope so, because I can’t be doing with getting used to another Charles, for him to again, not be the real deal!

Betty seems to still be in contact with Charles, as they’re currently seeking out Alice, who has been missing for the past five days, which is not like her according to Charles. Although to us and Betty, we’re pretty used to her running off in to her own little world at the moment. 

Betty also seems to be wary of Charles, as we know next to nothing about this man who claims to be her and Jughead’s half-brother. During the whole Alice going undercover for the FBI situation, Charles never made an appearance until the end, assuming that he was working from wherever he has been this whole time and that for sure isn’t in Riverdale – so, why has he decided to stick around now? What’s keeping him in Riverdale?

If anyone’s going to solve this mystery, it is absolutely Betty. I just really hope she doesn’t get herself in to too much danger and solve questions that shouldn’t be answered. By the looks of recent clips though and a good knock to the head, it seems someone is out for her. 

I’m not looking forward to ANOTHER person hurting Betty, but I’m definitely looking forward to finding out more about the mystery behind Charles, as I have so many questions of my own. How did Alice and Charles find each other? Did FP know or is he about to finally meet his long lost child? Oh, so much drama!

Cheryl holding Jason’s body hostage

It seems my thoughts were pretty accurate regarding Cheryl doing a Norman Bates, as the trailer shows Cheryl still has Jason’s body at home with her and is still talking to him as if he’s alive.

This causes me pain more than anything – all I want is for Cheryl to be happy and this just isn’t healthy at all. I really hope Toni has some sort of plan to talk Cheryl out of whatever’s going on in her mind, in order to allow Jason’s body to rest where it belongs. Hasn’t the poor boy been through enough already? 

A Secret Lodge sibling?

The news of a new sibling coming to Riverdale has recently been announced and this one comes from the Lodge family, meaning only one thing – she most certainly means danger.

Hermosa is the older half-sister of Veronica and is a “Miami born and raised private investigator” who has arrived in a similar manner as Veronica did in season one – very mysterious. She has been described as confident, ambitious and calculating, knowing that everything comes with a price. 

She appears to be the daughter of Hiram and has returned to represent him whilst currently serving time in the prison he built. Ha, the irony. Mark has previously revealed that Hermosa is highly loyal to her father, meaning her and Veronica will absolutely not get along this season. I can’t wait to find out more – the drama between the Lodge’s were starting to get very tiring and repetitive, so another family member will hopefully bring something new to the table. 

What are you looking most forward to this season of Riverdale?

Riverdale returns October 9th, 2019, on The CW.


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