‘The Good Doctor’ 3×03 recap: “Claire”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 3, “Claire,” aired Oct. 7, 2019.

It’s our girl’s, Claire, time to shine! Claire getting to be the first resident to perform her first solo surgery was well-deserved. However, not everything is smooth sailing, and sometimes things come at you all at once. Let’s dig in!

Claire preps and offers dating advice

The episode starts with Claire prepping herself for her first surgery. Don’t lie, we have all practiced how we respond to different situations before they actually happen. We all talk to the mirror every once in a while, right? Shaun’s pretty excited for her first surgery, too.

Ok, what is up with Melendez not wanting Claire to have a say in HER surgery? I liked that Lim told him that Claire should also have a say in it. Love women supporting women! 

Claire is doing double duty today. Shaun tells her that Carly and him had a second date, and he runs down a list of 83 questions he asked her. For real, he asked 83 questions. After some pretty probing questions, Claire tells him maybe he should start with light questions. Yes, asking your favorite movie over how many kids you want is a lot better question to ask during a second date. 

Claire’s first surgery

Claire finds cuts on her patient who is suffering from gallbladder pain, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. However, Claire isn’t willing to let it go. Eventually, the young girl does open up and tells her that her life sucks. She lives with a few foster kids and feels the weight of the World on her shoulders by taking care of her foster siblings. The mom insists everything is just peachy, though.

Uh oh. When Claire admits to Lim that she’s nervous about her surgery, Lim tells her never to say it again. She has to push through her nerves to prove herself. Can I just say I love how this episode is centered around Claire? If anyone deserves the chance to succeed, it’s her.

This patient’s mom is a handful. At least Claire is there for her — she tells her about how she, too, had to look after her mom as a young girl. When she tells her that she went to a therapist, she offers to have one come see her patient to talk about the weight of the World she’s carrying. It’s cool that Claire can find ways to connect with her patients.

Gulp. The patient’s mom went to Lim to report Claire for going against her wishes of having her daughter talk to a therapist. Is this mother serious? Because of this, Claire gets bumped from the case, and Melendez is to take over.

Just keep swimming

Park and Morgan’s patient has a unique attachment. That attachment is a marlin fish attached to him, and he insists on not cutting the fish in half. Well, this is quite interesting. Did Park just bring a fire extinguisher to get it off? LOL.

On top of everything Claire is dealing with, Morgan is helping Claire because she has the potential to be chief-resident. So, as Morgan tells Claire, she’s kissing her butt. Of course she is. As they’re chatting, the fish explodes, and it’s all kinds of gross.

You’re my inspiration

After Claire’s mom tells her that she’s her inspiration, there’s a spring in her step. She figures out that the fish guy has cancer; and Claire’s patient is adamant that she wants Claire to be her doctor because she actually cares about her. I agree that Claire is definitely the more nurturing doctor amongst them all, and that’s what makes her a good doctor.

Yay! Melendez comes waltzing over with the best news: Claire is doing the surgery after all. See, sometimes Melendez can be a decent human. You know who’s not being decent this episode? Carly. When Claire confronts her about Shaun, Carly tells her to “butt out” of their relationship. Hey, she was just trying to help Shaun.

Her patient’s mom finally came around and asks for the card to the therapist. It’s the effect Claire has on people, I am telling you. All is good in the hospital, and she ended up being right about the fish man. Everything is right in the hospital at the moment. Until Claire finds her mom was killed from driving drunk. This episode got real sad real quick. Poor Claire.

More thoughts

  • Can people be nicer to Claire?
  • “Things that matter are scary.” Heck yes, Claire’s mom. That is the whole truth.
  • Shaun telling Claire she used a surgery tool elegantly was the sweetest thing.
  • Claire celebrating her successful surgery — yes, girl!

Wow. That was a sad ending. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us! Make sure you brush up with the previous The Good Doctor episodes here.

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