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‘Supergirl’ recap: 5×01 “Event Horizon”

Superfans, Supergirl came to play! This was by far the best season premiere! The writers brought their A-game! Team Super is back in action. We missed them! The premiere was near perfection. My only question was, “Where is Eve Tessmacher?”

Luthor Blues

The CW

We open the season to a simulation where Lena Luthor punches Kara in the face. Can we really blame her? Kara Danvers has been lying to her for years. (On the other hand, Lena is the smartest person in the city and she couldn’t figure it out?)

Lena runs the simulation through these Obsidian Teach contact lenses. The theme is clearly technology for the season. Anyone else getting Terminator vibes? Lena is incredibly heartbroken with Kara. You can tell this has tormented her for months. In typical Luthor fashion, Lena sets a revenge plan in motion.

Our Happy Heroes

The CW

We get our first view of our heroes and what they have been up to. Here’s what we find out:

  1. Kara received a Pulitzer prize for her article uncovering the truth about The President. Her Pulitzer party is in a few days. Kara we are so proud of you!
  2. Alex and Kelly are still going strong. They are the cuteness we need in our lives.
  3. J’onn is over here teaching Tai Chi like a good martian should!
  4. Finally, I’m going to need Brainy to get a grip, because he is a hot mess! Nia goes in to kiss him and he gives her a handshake. They have been dating for a month!

Our friends seem to be in bliss. Even Kara is happy! We spent all of last season watching her struggle with her dual identity. This year she has allowed herself to be both.

Phantom Zone!


They opened a Kryptonian museum. This gives me Flash museum vibes. We are having a nice tour of the museum when an alien shapeshifter decides, oh hey, I should become a giant psychic t-rex and terrify all these children! Ah, Jurassic Park! So we randomly get the fight we never knew we needed, Supergirl fighting a T-rex!

  • The T-rex destroys Supergirl’s cape in the fight. How? I have no idea, because the thing has survived explosions, bullets, and knives, but for some reason not a t-rex claw?
  • Superman’s pod gets stolen.
  • Which leads me to wonder, why is an active Kryptonian spaceship in a museum.

Behold, we find out the pod is ran by a Dark Matter core, which can be made for a bomb. Now the DEO must find the pod! We also get another little surprise. Our shapeshifter also pops out someone from the Phantom Zone!


Lena is playing the long game, for sure. She sold Cat Co. to a random lady Ms. Rojas, who is clearly the villain of this season. Ms. Luthor has built an AI named Hope, that is obviously going to become a brainiac situation in the near future. She speaks with Hope on a daily basis. Hope is a maniacal little AI.

Lena has turned her back on all human interaction. Raise your hand if you think she is giving you Lex vibes. Her closest confidant is an AI. A.K.A. Lena has lost it!

#Supercorp Reveal


Midnight comes out of the Phantom Zone. She is full blown pis*ed at J’onn for putting her in there. Midnight decides she will fight them all at Kara’s Pulitzer party! Obviously. Cut to the end, we all know they defeat her. What we really want to talk about is the big reveal!

  • Kara is about to accept her award, but she can’t do it. Not until Lena tells the truth. She finds Lena on the balcony.
  • Lena surprises Kara by telling her she is presenting the award. Kara starts tearing up. She tells Lena everything. Ms. Danvers also includes why she hasn’t told her until now.
  • Lena goes quiet and walks to go present Kara’s award. Lena unbeknownst to Kara was going to reveal her secret to everyone. Instead she gives a beautiful speech about Kara and she cries.

Kara goes up and Lena hugs her. She whispers.

“No matter what you will always be my Best Friend.”

Everyone has the feels for a moment. Then at the end of the episode Lena reveals to Hope, she has not forgiven Kara and her evil plan is now set in motion!

How is everyone feeling? Are your hearts okay? Did you get the chills when Kara transformed with her new suit? Welcome back Superfans! Sound off in the comments!

Supergirl airs on The CW, 9pm, on Sunday nights.


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