‘Single Parents’ 2×02 recap: “Graham Fought the Bones and the Bones Won”

Back to school time!

Single Parents 2×02 “Graham Fought the Bones and the Bones Won” aired October 2, 2019.

If the season premiere of Single Parents mainly focused on the parents’ summer, now it’s time for their kids to go back to school. And if the beginning of a new academic year often rhymes with going back to a routine, a few changes can still come along the way.

Which is the case for our favorite group of people—so let’s take a look at these changes and what went down in this new episode of Single Parents!

A new room parent

single parents 2×02

New school year, new teacher, new rules! Will was absolutely thrilled to take back his job as the room parent but a bad surprise was awaiting him with the passing of a new rule: you can’t be room parent two years in a row anymore. He didn’t really take the news well, especially after his daughter acted like a whole new person all morning.

Will doesn’t like change, and I get that!

Thankfully for him, the new room parent was no more than Douglas, who lost at a game of ‘Not It’. And he was more than happy to find a way to give Will back his role. The plan was simple: Douglas would pretend to be too drunk to prevent a kid (Graham) from touching a bone during a school trip to the museum while Will, who would just happen to be there too, would come to save the day. Of course, it didn’t go well—you can easily tell what happened from the title of the episode.

Will got distracted by a conversation with his daughter and was too late to prevent Graham from touching the bone. The whole skeleton fell apart, causing chaos. And Douglas didn’t even lose his role.

Which was a good thing in the end, though. Because Douglas embracing his role as the room parent after his daughters told him that they loved having him participate in their school trip? Well, I live for that kind of heartwarming content. I love to see Douglas getting softer with every new episode.

It’s hard to see your children grow

I mean, I can’t really know. I don’t have children. But it does seem hard, and the conversation Will and Sophie had at the end of this episode still managed to warm my heart.

I think we can all agree that more dads should be like Will Cooper. He’s absolutely amazing at it and Sophie is the first to acknowledge that. He’s too great, even—and that’s why she started to act more independent to prove herself that she can do things without him too. Maybe she took it a little too far, though.

Because can we talk about her being up since 5 a.m. and going for a run? Although I still wish I had her willpower. Will and Sophie’s relationship is at the core of Single Parents, and I love seeing these little glimpses of their family. They’re adorable.

New year, new job

The kids aren’t the only ones changing. Miggy is too (although we could argue he’s still a child at heart). He realized how expensive education is after dropping his son to his first day of preschool.

To help him, Poppy offered him a raise but Angie came up with an even better idea: she offered him a job as a temp where she herself works. And if she hates her job, Miggy seems to have found a new place where to thrive—getting all excited even over the simplest tasks.

To the point that he decided to quit his job with Poppy to focus entirely on this new job. Poppy was pissed, at first—not only because she was losing an employee, but also because she missed him. Poppy and Miggy are such a cute pair. I’m all here for their friendship.


Someone else was pissed when she learned Miggy lied to her and actually liked his new job: Angie. It helped her see that she doesn’t have to be so negative all the time, though, and she decided to try and see the good side of things for once. Including whatever outcome the email she sent to her ex in the season premiere might have.

We had to wait until the end of the episode, but it was really no surprise to see Derek showing up at her door. I guess this storyline will go on for at least a little while—there’s a lot to unfold, after all! I’m personally excited to see what will happen with Graham. And see more of protective Will!

Next episode is titled “Derek Sucks” so we can be sure we’ll know more about him next week!

Some more thoughts

  • I love the twins. They’re so hilarious. But also so cute.
  • Seriously, though… what is this space camp Sophie and Graham went to?!
  • “I would love to say excitement caused that, but it just slipped.” Yeah, I can relate to clumsy Miggy.
  • Angie is trying to be positive, and we should all try and do the same. Things can have a good outcome!
  • We didn’t see much of them during this episode but still, I swoon every time I see the tiniest Will and Angie interaction. I will go down with this ship.

And you, what did you think of Single Parents 2×02? It seems like we’re back on track with the usual episodes now that the kids are back to school. Hit the comments and let us know!


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