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Welcome to Let’s Get Lit on Pure Fandom where we chat with an author about their work, writing and their nerdy loves. In this edition of Let’s Get Lit, we chatted with K. Eason about her new novel, HOW RORY THORNE DESTROYED THE MULTIVERSE. 

Pure Fandom: Without giving anything away, can you tell us a little about your new book?

K. Eason: Rory is a princess blessed (and cursed) by fairies who expects to inherit. But when her mother has a son–and discovers some archaic laws of inheritance–Rory’s role shifts. She’s betrothed to a prince of dubious merit on a distant space station because marrying him will keep the peace. But once she gets there, she discovers her prince is missing and there’s a conspiracy to usurp the throne. So Rory enlists the help of a few allies–a grumpy cyborg, her childhood tutor, a disgruntled second son–and sets out to rescue the prince. Of course it does not go to plan.


My favorite thing about this book is that Rory is a princess that doesn’t need saving. She goes against the tropes. Were there any stories in particular that you wanted to give an overhaul to or that you drew inspiration from when crafting this story? 

Sleeping Beauty, most obviously–but also any and all stories with princesses imprisoned or otherwise confined. I drew inspiration in part from Star Wars (technically A New Hope, but back in my day, y’all, it was the one and only Star Wars) and Princess Leia, who managed to kick ass and resist Darth Vader and insult the Wookie…and who was clearly the brains/leader of the Rebellion. 

What can you tell us about your writing ritual? 

Heh. Fueled by coffee! In the summer, when I’m not teaching, I set a schedule. I try to write in the morning, every weekday and usually both days of the weekend, too, with a specific wordcount goal. During the school year, I write when I have time, which is sometimes every other day, sometimes once a week. Time can vary–10 minutes, 2 hours–so I try not to set strict word-count goals. 

We are TV and movie nuts here at What was the last thing you binge watched? 

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and the latest season of The Good Place.

The Good Place The Book of Dougs Ted Danson as Michael with Good Place Committee

When does this book come out? And in what formats will it be available?  

RORY releases on Oct. 8, in hardback and e-book.

One of Rory’s blessings bestowed on her is that she sees through the b.s. that people throw her way. First, can you share a little about the fairy blessings and second, which one would you want the most? 

Hah. Technically that b.s.-proof blessing is the curse. The 13th fairy knows Rory’s trapped in her role and birthright, and wants to make sure she *knows* she’s trapped–thus calling it a curse. But she also wants Rory to do something with that awareness. Knowledge and truth are rarely comfortable or comforting, but they are powerful.

Most of the blessings are your standard, good-for-decorative-princesses-from-fairytale sorts of things. Beauty. Good skin. Kindness. A skill with a musical instrument. I wanted to complicate those in the novel–musical instrument thing comes in handy, kindness does not always mean perfectly sweet and biddable. 

Of those blessings/curses…I think I’d like the 12th fairy’s wish for clarity and courage. Always see the path through. Always have the guts to take that path. 

What was the best piece of writing advice you were ever given? 

Give yourself permission to write the sh***y first draft; you have to write the crappy words to find the good ones. 

This is book one in the Thorne Chronicles and we can’t wait for more of Rory’s adventures. How many books do you have planned for this series? 

So far, just two. 

If you could use only three words to describe this book, what would they be?   

Self-Rescuing Princess (which was, ironically, the working title)

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