‘Batwoman’ Series Premiere: Here’s our 10 favorite moments!

Batwoman Season 1 Episode 1: “Pilot” recap. Aired October 6, 2019 on The CW.

It has been said that Batwoman will fill Arrow‘s void once Arrow has concluded its eighth and final season. And I know what they mean. Both Gotham and Star City are seemingly suffering from what appears to be a daylight draught, and it’s only source of replenishment is when their resident heroes, Kate Kane and Oliver Queen, get a moment of stillness with their loves. I.E.:


However, I am pleased to report that Kate is NOT a female Oliver Queen, and their perspective missions, personalities, loves, motivations, are not identical to one another. The main similarity between the two is they both don’t have superpowers… and of course their cities live in perpetual nighttime, with the occasional moments of replenishing daylight.

SO THAT’S IT FOLKS, WE ARE DONE! That is the one and only time you are going to see us talk of comparisons between Arrow and Batwoman. If you want Batwoman to fill Arrow‘s void, that’s fine. But I feel strongly that we have to let Batwoman grow beyond expectations of “filling the void” if this series has a chance of succeeding like I believe it can.

So, let’s talk of favorite moments from the pilot, shall we? WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10 “When it fits a woman”

As Luke and Kate are talking about the Batsuit, Kate says the suit will soon be perfect, once it “fits a woman.” Now, some might take this as shading on Batman (while I personally feel this whole pilot honors Batman and his legacy), however, I smiled at Kate’s declaration because I felt it was a small commentary on inclusion. It will be perfect, and it can be, once it welcomes all.

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#9 Alice is revealed to be Beth Kane

This was definitely a twist, but I didn’t rank it higher because I guessed that was the case during my first viewing. And there seems to be hints that Jacob might know who Alice truly is all along… possibly. However, I’m really interested to see how all this happened.

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#8 Kate’s welcome home party

But more specifically, Mary at Kate’s welcome home party. I love her small monologue about being bummed that she won’t be able to read her future kids Alice in Wonderland anymore. Also, we get a small taste of Mary’s relationship with her mother. Mary seems rebellious. For example, with things like taking a selfie with a kid dressed as Batman, and sarcastically saying, “why wouldn’t this party have an agenda?”

It’s especially interesting if you contrast that with Kate and her father. Kate very much wants to be aligned with her father and The Crows. And that’s not the usual stance of vigilante-types, they want to rebel and cut through the red tape.

Although, as Kate moves away from that as the episode goes on… I can see a future where Mary and Kate are a team, and are close, and that’s nice to see.

#7 Kate and Sophie getting caught

You guys… they were JUST carving their names onto a shed then stupid homophobic a**holes ruin it. For shame! My heart broke for them.

#6 The Batcave!

Kate enters the Batcave, and I really like that it’s an actual cave. And literal BATS flew over her head. Iconic!

#5 Kate and Luke meet

I think the funniest moment of the pilot was Kate handcuffing Luke to the computers… and just leaving him there. I laughed out loud!

#4 Mary’s illegal clinic

Mary Hamilton officially became my favorite character of this series as it was revealed that she was running an illegal underground medical clinic for the needy citizens of Gotham. We have no choice but to stan.

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#3 Kate kicking butt in the Batsuit!

Firstly, Kate and Alice’s fight in the Batsuit was everything! Secondly, Kate in the Batsuit was iconic! Loved it.

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#2 Sophie tells Kate she signed the papers

As “Blackout” by Freya Ridings plays in the background, Sophie tells Kate she signed the papers. We didn’t really get the chance to get to know Sophie in the pilot, considering she was kidnapped for most of the episode, but this flashback scene revealed a lot about who she is.

As Sophie explains “unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of being offended by that,” I cried. Actual tears.

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#1 Kate’s hallway/elevator/kitchen fight

I’m not usually one to rank action sequences above emotional moments. But I really liked the debut of Kate’s skills. It was the highlight of the episode for me!

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You can catch all new episodes of Batwoman Sunday’s on The CW at 8 PM!


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