‘TITANS’ recap: s2e5 – “Deathstroke”

Deathstroke does not f around.

Titans season 2 episode 5, “Deathstroke” started streaming on DC Universe on 4 October 2019.

Yo, Titans did not come here to play.

Last season, it tuned up the darkness, the gore, the horror, for the sake of being edgy. This season, it’s still dark and all, but there’s more intent. This show is intense, it’s dangerous, and it’s on a mission to leave you reeling in your seat.

Deathstroke is a formidable presence. He already feels a lot more real and threatening than Trigon, who was an interdimensional demon. You can feel him lurking behind every scene, underpinning every moment. Every interaction between the Titans is undercut by their past with him.

Deathstroke sheds some Light

In contrast, Dr Light is completely inept. I mean, it was pretty obvious his time was limited and sooner or later he would piss Deathstroke off to his own demise.

Light easily lets Jason goad and get the better of him. In fact, Jason almost immediately escapes upon waking up in Deathstroke’s cavern. Deathstroke eventually shoots Light when the latter loses patience and tries to go after the Titans himself.

Deathstroke removes Jason’s tracker (one of them, anyway) to lure the Titans out.

titans dc universe jason todd deathstroke
image: DC Universe

Rachel’s Powers manifesting when she is asleep. Gar comes back panicking about Jason.

Meanwhile, Dick and the other adults argue as they search for Jason, pointing fingers for what happened the last time they went up against Deathstroke. They find Jason’s tracker and Light’s body, with a phone. Deathstroke calls and demands Rose in exchange for Jason.

Gar feels guilty and grows restless as Dick keeps him out of the search for Jason. He takes his impatience out of Rachel and their argument devolves until he insults her mysteriously manifesting powers.

Thank god for Kory

dc universe titans starfire
image: DC

Fortunately for everyone, Kory finally arrives at the tower. Rachel tells Kory about her powers. Kory says maybe Rachel is special and shouldn’t suppress her powers.

Kory also mediates the discussion amongst the adults about whether to hand Rose over or not. Hank is adamant about it, Donna lowkey agrees. Dawn stands opposing. Rose, who’s spied on the conversation from the ops room, tries to leave on her own.

Ultimately, it’s Rachel who finds Rose. Her powers manifest when Rose tries to fight, and she seemingly kills Rose. However, Rose’s body bizarrely starts healing.

During this interlude, Kory talks to Donna about her dilemma – stay or leave. Of course, this sounds like a familiar problem for Donna.

Hank confesses his drive to rescue Jason stems from his past abuse. “I’m not ready to give up on that li’l asshole, no matter how much he makes me want to punch him in the face.”

Dawn demands that once they handle Deathstroke, Dick disband the new Titans before they get hurt too. In his lair, Deathstroke tells Jason that Dick is leading them kids to slaughter. Then he says death is purification.

Sh*t goes down

Dick sets up a plan to take down Deathstroke and save Jason without handing over the now comatose Rose. As he prepares to leave with the OG Titans, he asks Kory to stay because she could lead the new team. Dick Grayson, openly admitting someone is a better leader than him? That’s odd.

Well, that’s because his true plan is to give himself up to Deathstroke instead. “I’m the one you’re mad at anyway,” he says as he adopts a surrendering position.

Obviously, Deathstroke isn’t having any of this. “You’re not a martyr. You’re a conman.” He reveals he has Jason tied to a shoddy platform off the side of a building with a bomb.

Luckily for Dick, Kory suspected his motives and had followed him. Queue epic fight scene in which Kory and Dick take turns going hand to hand with Deathstroke.

dc universe titans dick grayson
image: DC

Meanwhile, Jason has managed to free himself. So when Deathstroke distracts Dick and Kory with a flash bang and blows the platform off, the new Robin managed to grab onto a ledge. Dick immediately rushes over to pull Jason up, but Jason slips out of grasp and Dick is left screaming distraughtly as he watches another one of his family plummet to their impending death.

And of course in true Titans fashion, the insane cliffhanger will be followed by a detour episode. Next week, we’ll finally catch up with Superboy. I’m excited to see Connor and Krypto, but at the same time, WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN TO JASON????!!!!

Keep up with all the Titans action in the Pure Fandom Titans tower.


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