‘The Good Place’ recap: 4×02 “A Girl From Arizona”

The Good Place recap: Season 4, Episode 2, “A Girl From Arizona,” Aired Oct. 3, 2019

She’s just a girl from Arizona, a normal girl from Arizona. And since she’s tasked with saving all of humanity, she gets focused. 

The Good Place 4×02 brings stubborn residents, a possible coup, and relationship troubles. Let’s dig in.

That Was Your Life

A game show about the residents’ lives hosted by Eleanor? This is brilliant! Of course, the show was designed to make Brent realize he might not belong in the Good Place to jumpstart his change, and it failed. 

The Good Place 4x02 A Girl From Arizona Chidi That was your life Brent

Next, Eleanor broke out a tried and true method, the human-centric chaos, including the zig-zag suits. This did make Brent certain he doesn’t belong in the Good Place. Success? No. He thinks he belongs in the Best Place.

The Good Place 4x02 A Girl From Arizona Eleanor Shellstrop Michael Brent chaos Best Place

So what do you do when a guy won’t ever believe he’s wrong? Tell him he’s right. Michael and Eleanor told Brent there is a Best Place, but only the “diamond elite” can get in. Brent considers this a “good deeds contest” and decides to start doing nice things for the purpose of getting into the Best Place. He’s definitely doing it for the wrong reasons, but it’s a start.

Jason x5

The Good Place 4x02 A Girl From Arizona Jason Mendoza Michael

Jason came to Michael for feedback on his ideas to impress Janet and gave Michael a headache in the process. After his go-to headache cure of saying Jason’s name five times, Michael tried to tell Jason about how his lack of impulse control is problematic. 

The Good Place 4x02 A Girl From Arizona Jason Mendoza Janet breakup

Sadly, Jason’s ideas were for nothing. Janet sat Jason down and told him they should take a break, at least until the end of the experiment. And then she kicked him while he was down, as she delivered the news that the Jaguars cut Blake Bortles. Poor guy. 

The Good Place 4x02 A Girl From Arizona Janet Blake Bortles Jason Mendoza

Shellstrop out

Janet, Jason, and Tahani went to Michael behind Eleanor’s back to suggest a new team leader. They asserted that Eleanor’s feelings got in the way of her leadership and that she was only making things worse. Eleanor walked in on the conversation and decided to quit. 

The Good Place 4x02 A Girl From Arizona Eleanor Shellstrop team leader

Michael went and found Eleanor and gave her an inspirational talk to get her to go back to her job as team leader. He completely believes in her, and he realized something important about humans that makes Eleanor, a girl from Arizona, the only one who can prevent eternal doom.

The Good Place 4x02 A Girl From Arizona Michael Eleanor team leader

“Human beings, it turns out, are weird.”

Cuckoo bananas

The Good Place 4x02 A Girl From Arizona Chidi Simone soulmates

With Brent starting to do good deeds, Eleanor turned her attention to helping Simone and Chidi. Thinking she could get them to help each other, Eleanor introduced the soulmate idea, and she told Chidi that his soulmate is Simone. Ouch. Ouch. Just ouch. 

The Good Place 4x02 A Girl From Arizona Cheleanor Eleanor Chidi Simone


This episode had some brilliant moments between Michael and Eleanor, as well as some fun reminders of seasons past. 

I’ve got high hopes for the rest of the season, and I, too, have complete faith in Eleanor. 

“The only one who can save humanity is a girl from Arizona.”

Oh, did anyone guess that Michael faked his nervous breakdown at the start of the experiment? Yet another fantastic twist I did not at all see coming! 


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The Good Place airs Thursday nights on NBC at 9:00/8:00c.

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