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NYCC 2019: Thursday Adventures in Fangirling

Day 1 is in the bag and it’s on to a Friday filled with panels, interviews, and fangirling. Before I set out for today, I thought I might share a few tips for new folks navigating the con for the first time and some highlights from Thursday.

So this is my third year joining in on the fun at NYCC. There crowds are plentiful inside Javits Convention Center and there is plenty to do. Add in other locations for panels like Hammerstein Ballroom and Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. My first year I spent much of my time at press round tables and good times were had there, but I didn’t get to do a lot of exploring inside some of the smaller panel rooms. I didn’t prep beforehand to figure out the check in system for getting into the Main Stage. Suffice it to say that you really want to take a moment to really look at the list of panels and activities. Use the NYCC mobile app which can be super helpful in keeping track of the things that you want to see. If you are on Twitter, follow @NYCCLines as this will be a help in letting you know if a room that you want to get into has already filled up.

So what did I do during my first day at NYCC, first I scouted out the distance between Hammerstein, Hulu Theater, and Javits. Also, I made sure I had a good idea where the lines might start for the different panels that I wanted to attend. I found the DCUHQ gallery. It will feature some cool Harley Quinn focused art. Also fans have a chance to collect 5 different pins.

I also had the opportunity to stop by the Hammerstein Ballroom for “Behind the Magic of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. The current cast of the Broadway hit was on hand for this panel and gotta say that I need to see this full show immediately. The clips from the show they screened were amazing and they even put on a small performance for us. There were wands aplenty and some impressive pyrotechnics. I’ll have a full write up from the panel coming to you shortly. Also, we got answers to some burning questions. Like after our favorite series of movies ended and before Albus Potter enters Hogwarts, where exactly do the Weasley-Potter squad go for family vacay every year? Think sand and Sphinxes. Now I need that show as well.

Besides, people watching and enjoying all of the amazing cosplay that folks put together each year, one of the cool things about NYCC is being able to see an advance screening of an upcoming show. I was able to see episode 1×03 of ABC’s Emergence and my goodness was it amazing. No details for you because, no spoilers, but prepare to have your mind blown. I’ll be breaking it down with my podcast partner for “Brad and Cort Talk” once the episode airs. We’ll discuss the things and the very spoilery panel interview with the cast  that followed the screening.  I may also do a spoiler-free preview post. Not a spoiler? The amazing chemistry between this entire cast. It was a lot of fun. More on that soon.

I also had the chance to see the newest episode of CBS’s Evil and I’ll also be breaking down that episode with Brad. Highlights from the panel? Some awesome casting news concerning David’s father and Kristen’s husband. Michael Emerson talked about the joys of playing the personification of evil. He does it so well. Kurt Fuller is more than familiar with playing the baddie and hopes that this time that there isn’t anything sinister lurking beneath Dr. Boggs’ well-meaning appearance. In the episode aired, we had a chance to see that truly scary demon looking thing that Kristen and her daughter has been dreaming about, but then they deconstruct it. I’ll be discussing the episode and panel with Brad on our upcoming podcast.

Feeling famished after a long day of walking the showroom floor and exploring? Snowpiercer has you covered. The lines were long, but they moved on quickly. If you’re there later in the day, the line is definitely shorter. Line for what? Oh, just your yummy post-apocalyptic treat. Be sure to stop by their booth for a cool experience.

Now that we’re nourished, let’s keep this train moving (as we don’t want to freeze and die). Confused? Watch the movie and then the show. It’s a whole thing. Back to fangirling. Two of my favorite looks on Thursday were the folks below. There were many more, but these two stuck for me. Well done!! Also, I didn’t know I needed it until now, but Disney+/Sony will need to give us a show featuring Gamora leading this team of badasses. We’ll have Tom Holland negotiate! Make it happen please.

And with that I’m off for some Friday shenanigans. Happy Conning!!

Stay tuned to PureFandom for more NYCC 2019 coverage. Also, be sure to check out “Brad and Cort Talk” for all things Syfy and horror. We got a cool backlog of recaps and interviews.


Photo Credit: Cort R



Cort Robinson

A lover of words and moving pictures, I'm a fangirl from way back. Seriously—I grew up watching Daytime TV from my granny's knee. It was Knots Landing over Dynasty, and BtVS over pretty much everything else. I watch entirely too much television and am quite happy sitting in an empty movie theater on a rainy day. And if we’re talking bromances, there's no bromance quite like the Winchesters. Cort has been writing since she can remember and podcasting for nearly 10 years with @bradzb. Be sure to check us out our "Brad and Cort Talk" interviews and recaps. Also, join in the conversation over at our "Brad and Cort Talk" FB group.

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