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NYCC 2019: Friday Adventures in Fangirling

Beam me up, Friday! It’s been another long and satisfying day of fangirling at New York Comic Con. Star Trek Universe took me to far off places with their very cool installation located on the Crystal Palace Pavilion inside Javits Convention Center. In honor of the show’s return in a few months, NYCC and Amazon Prime Video gave The Expanse fandom a brief glimpse of life aboard The Rocinante. The DC Universe HQ was officially open for business today and will be throughout the weekend. I hit up Artist Alley and the Show Floor and found so many goodies. Read on for the full breakdown and photos.

The line was long, but the wait so worth it to check out CBS All Access and Star Trek Universe’s exhibition. Fans have the chance to step inside a transporter room and be sent to some far off place. Granted you won’t get to stay there long, but still a cool experience and you get a nice video keepsake. Also, fans can view props from upcoming series, Picard.

In another quadrant, The Expanse fans were treated to a glimpse of life aboard the Rocinante. It was overall a pretty fun experience. It’s always interesting to see everyone go out all to make things truly immersive. For those waiting in line to come inside, there are several original costume pieces and props from the show. Also, guests can take a virtual tour of the Agatha King, the Truman Class Dreadnought of the UNN that was lost in Season 3. Be sure to stop by this exhibition before the weekend is done. It’s more than worth the wait.

Next stop? The DC Universe HQ. It’s located a few minutes away from the convention center and is well worth the trip. Also, it’s open to the public if you don’t happen to have a badge for each day. The HQ is located on W 36th St between 10th and 9th Ave. The wait wasn’t long at all, but the Harley Quinn Art Gallery is located on the 4th floor and there’s no elevator. They do have a lounge on the 3rd floor with snacks, cool guests, and special programming. Fans can get the chance to step into Harley’s infamous shoes and take hold of her bat for a gif to remember. DC Universe Members can also collect a poster and 5 different pins. I cannot post everything from the gallery here. If you can, you have to see it in person. For those who can’t make it, I’ll be doing a separate post. Here’s a glimpse of some of the amazing work inside. It’s a whole mood. Go for the art and stick around for some of the props from the upcoming Birds of Prey movie.

One of my FAVES…

Inspired to see more creative geniuses at work, I headed back to Artist Alley and the Show Floor. I did find quite a bit that I liked. One graphic designer who definitely grabbed my attention with is creativity and wordporn was Nate Jones (Booth 1167). I wanted to buy ALL of the things, but since that wasn’t feasible, I made myself choose two of my favorites. A cool design with Stranger Things’ Eleven dumping some dead weight (Sorry, Mike) and The Office’s Michael Scott doing the most as per usual. I linked in Mr. Jones’ Etsy shop but honestly that was more for me than you. Remember…I want them all. There’s one with Peter Parker that I’m already plotting on.

Step outside for some fresh air and food. Stop by the People’s Choice Award installation for some Skeeball and to vote for your faves. They also have cotton candy. Next door, Breaking Bad fans get a very cool teaser about the upcoming Netflix original film, El Camino. It seems that Jesse Pinkman is a wanted man.

Haven’t seen Breaking Bad??? Quit breaking my heart and go forth and watch this amazing series so you can be ready for El Camino.

Do yourself a favor and call the tip line…you know you want to. As for me, well I’m going to wrap up my day by hanging out with some of my favorite Runaways. Another show to catch up on if you’ve been missing out on Hulu’s perfectly awesome series. Fans of Marvel’s The Runaways had a chance to see the Season 3 Premiere. That’s right. Months before the show’s December 13th return, we got to see what comes next and whoooooooe boy. It’s pretty damn epic. That’s all I’m saying for now because no spoilers. I will be posting a write up of the panel itself and awesome tidbits that we learned about the cast, behind the scene stories, and non-spoilery news. Also, I hope that Hulu continues to renew this fantastic show for as long as the cast and writers have stories to tell us.

That’s a wrap for me. How was your Friday? I’m turning in now. I’ve got another long day ahead with panels I absolutely want to attend and  a press room for upcoming series Snowpiercer.

Stay tuned to PureFandom for more NYCC 2019 coverage. Also, be sure to check out “Brad and Cort Talk” for all things Syfy and horror. We got a cool backlog of recaps and interviews.


Photo Credit: Cort R

Art Credit: All Art Belongs to Respective Artists/DC Universe

Cort Robinson

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