‘Stumptown’ 1×02 recap: Best moments from “Missed Connections”

Stumptown recap: Season 1, Episode 2, “Missed Connections,” aired Oct. 2, 2019.

Grey and Dex backstory, anyone? Yes, please! I am so here for it, even if this might be a slow burn or, gulp, a no burn. Let’s hope that’s not the case though because there is chemistry there, people. Let’s see what transpired during this second episode!

Throwback time!

The episode starts six years in the past with Dex at the convenient store while there’s a robbery taking place. This is also where she meets Grey— he offers to buy her a drink. Wink, wink.

So the history there is that they slept together. (OMG!) This could get interesting. Also, we learn Dex doesn’t like water chestnuts, which who does? She also totally thought Grey’s name was Greg. Lol. Oh, Greg. It’s cool to see that they still remained friends even if she wanted to peace out of his life. All works out when it’s supposed to, right? I still ship it. “Oh, God, I slept with a car guy.” Loving her sass.

Grey and Dex are so married. He’s just at her house clearing coffee grounds from her sink and watching her little brother. This is a friendship I am here for.

Werk, werk, werk

Dex is hired by some dude to find a woman who he really jived with. Did I just use the word “jive”? Yikes, Madeline. Anyway, ignoring my old lady words, she manages to find the mystery woman and promptly beats her ex-bf. And she finds another parking ticket on her car. Seriously, she might need to pay those off eventually.

When the check bounces, she goes to find Alan to get her money. However, s*** really hits the fan when she visits his house and gets knocked out. Ouchie. I hope she has a stock of ice packs at her house.

Back in the police station because, apparently, you can’t just be walking around in someone’s house uninvited to get the money you’ve earned. Hoffman and Cosgrove decide to keep Dex at the station for the illegalness of her actions. They’re just doing their jobs. No special treatment.

Good news and baggage

Thankfully, in the flashbacks, Grey and Dex are on the same page about relationships. As in, it’s a no-go for them. Also, Grey served some time in jail. He has a darker(?) side to him, which is surprising because he seems so pure. I like that Grey’s character is a lot more complex than we originally saw in the pilot. Who would have thunk? I thought he was just a “nice guy” character, so it’s cool to see some depth to that.

Meanwhile, in present day, Ansel encounters a very shady man. Him asking if Grey has a safe in his bar is all kinds of red flags. Where is Grey when ya need him?! Ansel tells Grey that he had a visit from his friend with a gold tooth, and the reaction Grey has is….interesting. I hope there’s more to that.

Scammy Scam Scams

Turns out Alan wasn’t the bad guy here, but it was Katrina or whatever the heck her name actually is. Katrina is a con artist! All thanks to Hoffman’s detective skills. Even though he tells Dex to butt out of the case, she, you know, doesn’t listen to his order.

Instead of butting out, she goes ahead and ropes Grey into her schemes. While you shouldn’t help your friend with their scheming, Grey does always have her back. Again, I am not condoning their actions because it’s a no-no, but it’s a TV show. It shows their trust in each other. After all, Dex is just trying to help.

Alan is convinced that Katrina is conning because she can’t get out of the lifestyle, but she wants to. Seems unlikely to me. You know who has seemed to get out of their old lifestyle, Grey, it would appear. Katrina? Well, I think she’s trying, but her friend sure as heck isn’t. Alan and Katrina are reunited at the end when Hoffman deems she’s not a threat.

Madeline’s musings

  • So. Much. Running. On. This. Show.
  • Oh man, Grey is in some deep doodoo with this “old friend.”
  •  Grey asked her out on a real dinner in past scenes?! So cute.
  • Cosgrove telling Dex she had good instincts on this case. Progress!
  • “I am an unlicensed, semi-professional…” Lol At least Dex can own up to her qualifications or lack thereof.
  • Grey and Dex’s friendship is so pure; he’s always been there for her. The fact that she trusts him so much…oh goodness.
  • Oh no, they found Grey’s old friend dead.

Loved learning about the backstory of how Dex and Grey became friends. It’s a relationship that I am definitely interested in, and I hope we continue to explore that. What did you think of this episode? Sound off below or tweet us!


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