Breaking down the ‘Arrow’ season 8 trailer

We have a trailer! While we were theorizing about Oliver’s fate in the final season of Arrow, The CW was gracious enough to drop a trailer with wonderful goodies for us to enjoy! So, let’s break it down!

1) Oliver’s narration

“The only way this is bearable for me, is if I am certain my sacrifice, my death, will protect the people I love… there’s a Crisis coming.”

As Oliver narrates the first seconds of the trailer, we are reaffirmed on a couple of things:

  1. This last season isn’t going to forget about Felicity Smoak and Oliver’s family. Sometimes shows do that when an actor/actress decides to leave a show. Fortunately, Felicity Smoak, Mia, and William, are at the forefront of Oliver’s mind and a constant motivator as he gears up for Crisis.
  2. Oliver is not going to be moping the whole time. Now, not to say that I don’t love it when Oliver has some teary feels for his love Felicity Smoak, but if the entirety of season 8 was spent with him in sad-comatose state, that will be a hard pill for us to swallow. For a lot of reasons.

And let’s not forget we saw him carry around a picture of Felicity and Mia.

2) Familiar faces



Tommy Merlyn. What a guy. Forever bitter he was killed. Anyways, we see him looking sinister in a club-like area and maybe Tommy’s Dark Archer is finally happening?

Secondly, Thea Queen is back! Oh, how we’ve missed her. She’s her usual sassy self as she quips about Indiana Jones-like traps while saying “less talking, more fighting.” Hopefully her future storyline is explained. And she survives, that girl deserves it.

Thirdly, Moira Queen! We only heard her voice, but it still gave me feelings.

Fourthly, Tatsu! I loved her in season 3, she brought an interesting perspective and point of view to the show. And her and Oliver’s relationship was also special.

Fifthly, Talia Al Ghul! Last we saw of her she was breaking out of prison with Oliver, so I’m curious to see if the Monitor gave her some tasks to complete as well.

Sixly, I saw Lyla! It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot, but I saw her and I’m so glad (around 1:04)!

3) Familiar places

  • We see the Queen mansion back in action as Oliver broods out his old bedroom window.
  • There’s also a club, that doesn’t really look like Verdant but could be, maybe?
  • We see Oliver in a bed like he was in the season 3 premiere, hinting that we may pay a visit to Hong Kong.
  • I believe there was also a shot of Queen Consolidated!

4) Future!

A big part of this trailer was the Deathstroke Gang set up last season that’s run by JJ Diggle. Looks like he has some run ins with the future team, and with Mia.

  1. I love a Good Diggle Son vs a Bad Diggle Son situation. That will be gold.
  2. Any shot of Mia shooting a bow and arrow makes me weep. I am who I am.

Are you excited about the final season?! Because I sure am! Be sure to catch Arrow‘s eighth season on October 15 on The CW!



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