‘The Good Doctor’ 3×02 recap: “Debts”

The Good Doctor recap: Season 3, Episode 2, “Debts,” aired Sept. 30, 2019.

We are on episode two of the third season! Huh, weird, I didn’t cry this episode. It would appear that I am growing up a little, or I am getting used to the sad af storylines that tend to accompany this show. Anyway, let’s dig into this new episode!

Special friends…very important

The episode kicks off with Leah urging Shaun to give Carly a chance. Do I actually agree with Leah? I get that Shaun’s nervous, and I respect that, but Leah only wants to see him happy. Because, as she says, everyone needs a special friend. Leah is growing on me, and I do think she is a decent-ish friend to Shaun. Sometimes.

Carly is sure to tell Shaun that she had a great time on their date. However, Shaun tells her that he didn’t and doesn’t want to do it again. Her face when he walked away hurt a little bit. She’s been really accepting and patient with Shaun…More so than any other character has been right off the bat.

And Shaun interrupts a sex talk between Glassman and his fiancé. LOL. Awkwardddddd.

Speaking of which, Claire is over busting her mom out of her predicaments. Claire puts up with a lot — she’s in need of a vacay.

Melendez, Morgan and Park team up

This is a team up I am here for. These three characters didn’t start as my favorites, but lately, I am warming up to all three of them. Very different personalities…somehow still able to work together. HA! Morgan tries to kiss some butt by showing up to help the other team, claiming Park bounced, but he comes walking in. OH!

I also don’t mind the Claire, Andrews and Shaun team up either. Woah…who would have ever thought we would witness Andrews and Shaun agreeing on something? They acknowledge that they can do better by helping their patient whose situation is currently not being able to talk or eat solids ever again.

Dating the boss

The whole Lim and Melendez situation might get trickier as the season progresses. Especially when Lim has to question Melendez on surgeries and stuff like that. The parents of the patient tells Lim that they aren’t 100 percent comfortable with him performing the surgery, so Lim steps in to do so.

Yep, things are getting tricky and awkward. Melendez, like always, isn’t willing to let go of work issues while on date night. Dude, just relax and not think about work for like ten minutes.

“Can’t fix the unfixable”

What Claire can fix is her roommate situation. A.k.a. her mom. She comes home to see her mom still at her apartment, telling her that she has six days to find a new place to live. I’m proud of Claire for sticking up for herself. She needs to take care and think of herself first. However, Claire says, that until her mom gets better, she’ll let her stay with her. Claire has a big heart.

Shaun never does seem to just kick back and relax with some Netflix. Put that textbook down. Thankfully, he does put his textbook down because Carly shows up to his house to help her understand why he wants nothing to do with her. We learn then that her little sister has autism, which he points out that they’re not all the same.

Despite Shaun’s plan to save the patient, Lim disagrees with Andrews and Shaun. The surgery is too risky. “Sometimes the hero loses.” That quote! I love that quote a whole lot. I don’t know why, but I do. With this in mind, they take the procedure to the patient, anyway, which the patient agrees to. Because, overall, the man deserved to have a happy ending for stepping in as a woman was being assaulted. I’m glad they were able to help him for his act of bravery and selflessness.

More thoughts and stuff

  • Is Morgan saying she wants to work more than 80 hours a week? Who are you even?
  • Lim putting Morgan in her place!
  • I really like Melendez, man.
  • Yay, Claire for being first up as chief resident. So happy for her — well deserved.
  • The Andrews and Shaun talk at the end kind of got me teary eyed. Love the sacrifices they do for each other on this show; it shows their character depth and development.
  • Aw, Shaun bringing chips for Carly.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Doctor? Things are starting to get serious…like always. Tweet us your reactions!

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