‘Arrow’: 5 things we miss about Thea Queen

It was announced that Willa Holland will be returning for the final season of Arrow to reprise her role as Thea Queen. And we are so happy! Hopefully, Thea’s story and character will be wrapped up in a way that she deserves.

And we missed you, Thea Queen! Here’s five things that we missed:

1) Oliver and Thea

Oliver and Thea’s relationship has always been so pure and grounded. Losing that thread in the show was definitely a felt loss, and hopefully we will get some quality brother-sister moments in the final season. I miss their banter. They would call each other on their crap and also have a good cry in each other’s arms. So good.

2) Speedy

“I’m tiny, but I’m mighty.” I low-key miss post-Lazarus Pit Thea beating up grown men twice her size with reckless abandon. But really though, I miss Speedy. She brought a fun aspect to the team, being totally blissed out while they are supposed to be in “super-serious crime fighting mode.”

3) Thea “tear down the patriarchy” Queen

Thea’s life unfortunately, has consisted of men (and Moira) lying to her. Of dictating how her life should be. That’s endlessly frustrating, and Thea decided enough was enough. My favorite Thea Queen moment was the season 2 finale, getting in a car with Malcolm Merlyn. We were simultaneously screaming “no Thea, don’t!” and “yes, Queen!” It was conflicting and complicated but that’s what made it so great.

Any moments when Thea tears down the patriarchy are good moments.

4) Thea and Roy

Thea and Roy were so sweet. They just wanted a normal life with each other. And if they couldn’t do that together they wanted that for each other. It was a selfless love.

But, the flash-forwards have us gravely concerned over the status of their relationship. However, I think we will get some closure on that front. And maybe it’s not as bad as we think? Maybe?

5) Thea, the miniature Moira

Thea and Moira parallels are my favorite thing. There’s just something about women getting sh*t done, in the most ruthless way, that makes me a stan for life. Queens, all of them.


We are so excited to have you back Thea, catch her on the new season of Arrow premiering October 15 on The CW!

P.S.: We were ROBBED of the Thea and Felicity dynamic!



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