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‘Batwoman’ Series Premiere: Spoiler-Free Review

“Not for the mild

well behaved child”

We are so excited that we can finally talk about Batwoman! As spoiler-free as possible of course. Now, even though we can safely say that Batwoman has some interesting and promising things ahead, the pilot was definitely a pilot. There was some clunky parts, and I’ve seen better, but we can’t write off Batwoman just yet.

So let’s dive right in!

Here’s the synopsis: Kate Kane returns to Gotham when a gang targets her father and her ex-girlfriend Sophie Moore.

Get ready for Kate to kick some ass!

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One of the better things about the pilot was Kate’s effortless fighting skills. Her fight scenes were believable and well choreographed. Thankfully, I can imagine her as the superhero she will grow into.

Sophie and Kate

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Kate and Sophie have an interesting history, and it’s one that would be nice to see further explained in later episodes. However, I’m not putting my egg in this particular shipping basket quite yet. I don’t think the chemistry is all the way there, but that’s not to say it couldn’t get there, it is a pilot after all.

And it’s looking like Sophie and Kate have a major obstacle in their way, so in the meantime I’ll be intrigued to see Kate explore her options.

Jacob and Kate

Jacob Kane is Kate’s father, and leader of The Crows, an organization charged with protecting Gotham ever since Batman left. And while Jacob is a little of overprotective of Kate, Kate internalizes that to mean he’s ashamed of her. Their scenes were the emotional beats in the pilot, and it will be nice to see that relationship continue.

Alice and Kate

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Alice is a wistful villain. It’s looking like she wants to transport Kate into her own narrative, keep her there, and cause destruction along the way.

Mary and Kate

Mary is Kate’s step-sister and I think she may be my favorite person in this pilot? No, she for sure is. Her and Kate are not necessarily close, but I have a feeling that relationship will strengthen over time. And I really hope it does because that dynamic is what I’m most excited for!

Mary has some medical training that can also be useful, and lead to some really fun scenes.


All in all, we are excited for Batwoman to be our new favorite caped crusader! Check out the premiere October 6 on The CW!


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