‘Single Parents’ season 2 premiere recap: “Summer of Freedom”

They're our village, and they're back!

Single Parents season 2 premiere: 2×01 “Summer of Freedom” aired September 25, 2019.

Single Parents is back! And season 2 started right where the season 1 finale left us back in May: at Poppy’s ex-husband’s wedding. Summer might be over for us, but it was not the case for our favorite single parents in that season 2 premiere.

Let’s see what they’ve been up to during these past 3 months!

3 months of summer = 3 different parties

What do you do when your children are away for the summer? You throw a party, apparently. Several, even. At least, that’s what the adults of Single Parents decided to do.

Indeed, once Poppy’s husband’s wedding was over, the episode divided into three parts—and three different parties at Angie’s, Will’s and then Douglas’s places. This was a very smart way to show us what happened to our favorite characters during these past 3 months. And a very fun way to do it, too!

Between love stories, writing emails to exes, lists of fun things to do or health issues, one thing is sure: even without any child to take care of (except for Miggy and his son), our beloved characters all had a very busy summer. And a hilarious one–it’s a sitcom, after all.

A summer of love

One main theme of the season 2 premiere of Single Parents was definitely love. The season 1 finale left us with Poppy and Douglas finally admitting their feelings for one another and Angie seeing her ex again 8 years after he abandoned her. These two storylines continued in the premiere.

Everything started well for Poppy and Douglas: she asked him out on a date and he said yes. But, as a month passed and Will’s party arrived, we were surprised to see her show up with someone else. This is when we learned the two had the worst date ever. Indeed, Douglas left in the middle of it without an explanation (bad form, Douglas!). Later that same night, though, he told Miggy the reason why he left: he had a heart attack.

The angst between Douglas and Poppy didn’t last too long, as everything ended well for them when he told her the truth during one last summer party. They already seem to be back on track. Which is good, because these two are really cute together. I’m curious to see how a relationship between them will now change the group’s dynamic!

As for Angie, she spent her whole summer trying to write one last email to her ex after he gave her his address in last season’s finale. It started out as a message full of insults towards him. Then it turned into an emotional explanation of how hard it was to raise a child alone. And, finally, she refused to let her ex know how she feels. But with a push from Will and the rest of her friends, she eventually sent the email at the end of the episode.

“Sharing your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness,” as Will told her.

“Angie and Will’s List of Summer Fun”

Speaking of love, I can feel a great love story happening between Will and Angie. Actually, I’ve been shipping them from day 1 of Single Parents. It will take time—he’s currently in a relationship, after all, and I’m sure we’ll see more of her ex soon—but it will be good. I’m all here for the slow burn between these two.

This season 2 premiere was filled with amazing moments between the two, starting with their list of things to do together while their children were away for the summer. Or, as they called it, “Angie and Will’s List of Summer Fun”.

Not everything went according to plan when Angie went M.I.A. and Will decided to do everything they had planned with his girlfriend instead. It led to a great conversation between them, though, with Will confessing to Angie that she’s more than just his mom-friend. And they did end up doing everything that was on their list on the last day of summer. Which was shown through an amazing montage of all the activities they did, including singing Cruel Summer for a karaoke. (No, not the Taylor Swift song.)

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them this new season, and see them fall in love!

The children are back!

single parents season 2 premiere

What would Single Parents be without the children? Most of the season 2 premiere focused on the parents and their summer but, at the end of it, while they were all bragging about how great they are at parenting, their children suddenly arrived at Douglas’s party. As it turned out, no-one showed up at the bus station and they had to walk back home. Best parents ever indeed.

They didn’t have a lot of screentime but as always, their scene was hilarious.

Their arrival at the end of the episode marked the end of summer for their parents–and for us, the beginning of what already seems like a great new season of Single Parents! Indeed, this first episode of the new season surely didn’t disappoint. It opened the way for some interesting storylines. And, obviously, it was very funny–but also heartwarming.

What did you think of the Single Parents season 2 premiere? Hit the comments and let us know! The show is back on ABC every Wednesday.


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