‘Stumptown’ pilot recap: “Forget it Dex, It’s Stumptown”

Stumpton’s pilot was one of my most-anticipated fall TV shows to tune into. I mean, when you have Cobie Smulders AND Jake Johnson as the leads, it’s hard to resist. If we’re being honest, I haven’t been this excited for a TV show since…well, since OUAT a couple years ago.

It has everything I look for in a TV show: a bad ass female character, comedy, drama and SO MUCH angst. The show practically called my name. Here’s what went down:

Let’s talk about Dex and Grey, yeah?

I feel like I need to be more honest in my reviews, so here we go. I already shipped Dex and Grey before I even watched the pilot, so there’s something about me. I ship what I ship, okay.

Grey offers Dex a job to bartend, which she declines because she’s not one to hold a steady job. Thankfully, he’s cool with that and is okay with her just drinking the free beer. Now that’s a great friendship. Also, I’m pledging my love to Grey right now.

Grey bailing Dex out. Yes. Like I said, I ship it. I love how he helps out with her brother. Man, I love Grey trying to get Dex to talk it out, even if he is being a total dad. Totally here for it. Jake Johnson sure isn’t Nick Miller anymore because we all know Nick wouldn’t be into opening up and talking about his problems. This is refreshing.

A little flawed; a little bad ass

The show starts with Dex stuck in a car with some scums, but she can handle it herself. We see her a couple days earlier, nursing a beer and gambling her life away. So, it seems like Dex has some flaws, but don’t we all?

It’s also revealed that Dex is a veteran suffering from PTSD and had a seemingly serious flame. She also cares for her brother with Down Syndrome, Ansel.

She may drive a piece of crap car, but Dex isn’t one to step away from a case. Not without stealing a phone to get to the bottom of things and find Sue Lynn’s granddaughter. Also, I love that she still has a cassette player in her car. Throwback.

Don’t call her ma’am

Yeah, I wouldn’t call Dex ma’am either. While we’re on that subject, please don’t call me ma’am ever, either. Even though she gets Detective Hoffman to call her by her first name, he still arrests her. For unpaid parking tickets. PSA: probably pay your parking tickets because you just never know when you’ll get arrested for it. Just saying.

Has anyone else noticed the sherpa jean jacket style they’ve got going on? Just me? Man, Dex really makes friends with the right people. Her bff owns a bar and her friend, Tookie, owns a taco truck. I need new friends. Dear friends, if you’re reading this, I don’t mean it! But if you gave me free beer and tacos, that would be real cool.

Stealing cars and stuff

The headline says it all; she stole a car. Hoffman calls with news that Sue Lynn’s granddaughter is back. This isn’t going to play out well, I would presume. It never does, does it?

Orrrr….you could hand the keys to a valet driver with a “keep it.” That works too, Dex. Wow, Sue Lynn is COLD. C-O-L-D. At least she can kind of have a heart.

Looks like Dex and Hoffman’s relationship isn’t so professional. What I mean is that they hooked up.

Oh man, we go back to the beginning of the episode at the end of the episode. Wow, that was a sentence. Grey and Hoffman to the rescue! Here for it, y’all. Am I sensing a BROTP in the future? Gosh, I hope so.

Final verdict

As far as pilot episodes go, I give it an A. There’s definitely potential, and the characters all seem to have depth. I love characters with depth; otherwise, where’s the fun? Grey…Grey is for sure my favorite so far, and I like Dex’s drive. Fierce females onscreen are kind of my jam.  I can’t wait to see where they take this show! I totes sense a love triangle, which will bring me so much angst.

What did you think of the pilot of Stumptown? Sound off below or tweet us your reactions!

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